Best and Least Cases?

  1. Hi, I was just wondering if you can give me some insight to your best and least favorites cases that you like to do. Which cases do you like to do more than others, and why? Are just tell me which cases you specialize in? For example, i would like to specialize in hearts someday, but i will do the basics first just to get experience. Orthos cases are way to long and consume most of the day in the OR. But I think all the cases are fascinating since i am new and have alot to learn. Thanks.
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  3. by   GadgetRN71
    Ortho is my favorite. I particularly enjoy Ortho trauma and robotic assisted total joint replacements.(Makoplasties). I also like general cases. Hate Gyn.
  4. by   krwrnbsn
    I love doing thoracic cases! I do not enjoy doing plastics;(
  5. by   tbehlow
    Love ortho, it's always moving, at a good pace, hate vascular ...
  6. by   msancheeze
    Love vascular and ortho. I'm not too picky but I hate any procedure that starts with "I & D of..."
  7. by   BaseballmomRN
    I like vascular, eyes, laparoscopic procedures and robotics. I dislike ortho and urology the most.
  8. by   heartlover
    Hearts, vascular and thoracic are my favorites! I love cardiovascular! I dislike urology or gyn the most even robotic cases. I enjoy doing general cases: appys, gallbladder, bowel resections, etc for an easy day and a change of pace. Trauma is also a lot of "fun" in that weird way. I guess I like complicated cases that make you think and work hard.
  9. by   Sezza83
    Love gynae, obestretrics and general surgery.

    Hate ortho and eyes.
  10. by   NP Sam
    Love ortho! Urology annoys me. Cannot stand urology
  11. by   LandD_RN_chica
    Love general, ortho and plastics. But the only reason I love general is because of the surgeon I work with and ortho the surgeon is nice to work with as well. Plastics I like because some of the cases are interesting, not so much the doctors on that one. Hah. The surgeons set the mood for the whole room/day.
  12. by   SandraCVRN
    Love-hearts, vascular

    Like-Lap chole, appy, etc

    Hate-gyn, lungs, like someone else said anything that starts with I&D of, any procedures where the positioning takes longer then the procedure.
  13. by   canesdukegirl
    Love trauma surgery! I like open belly cases, ortho, neuro...hate ENT, gyn.
  14. by   kat von b
    LOVE ortho, great docs, busy cases! I could live without plastics and general and since we are cluster based I'm never in a position to do hearts or vascular.