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Hey i am thinking about taking the rn program at university of phoenix right now i am only a cna i talked to the school today and they said i can take the hole rn program there and in about 4 years i... Read More

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    I've looked through the University of Phoenix website and it doesn't look like they have an RN program. The recruiter may have thought you were already a nurse with an associate's degree and thought you qualified for the RN-BSN program.

    I agree with the other posters that checking out your local community college is a good first step. You'll need to take some prereqs but the good news is that most colleges offer a large number of classes online. Community colleges also have night classes, weekend classes, early morning classes, or classes that only meet once a week--they're really friendly for working students. Nursing school is less working student friendly but it still can be done, especially if you have a job that will let you work evenings/weekends/nights.

    Getting into nursing school can be overwhelming, especially when you start worrying about working while in school or the time committment or anything like that. Start small and talk to an advisor at the local community college about the nursing program and take a class or two in the fall. This is the PERFECT time to be getting ready for the fall. Even if you want to go for a BSN later, you'll still need English/Anatomy/Microbiology/Psychology/etc.
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    FYI: University of Phoenix is fully accredited according to the AZ Board of Nursing. I don't know what state you are in, but it is legit according to BON. I would just check about that clincal site...that sounds weird. You might want to clarify with someone else. They do have an LPN to BSN program, but not just an RN program. You have be a nurse (LPN or ADN) first.
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    Stanford is whack...what's up with #2??

    Are they saying online education isn't up to snuff? If its a question of quality...Duke has online MSN. John Hopkins has online MSN. UNC Chapel Hill has online RN-BSN. There are plenty of lesser known institutions offering degrees every bit as academically challenging as these well known universities. Obviously we see Stanford isn't into riding the educational wave of the future.

    What a bunch of snots! (I agree this poster wasn't trying to be offensive to online programs -- I think/hope maybe the "real" was just a poorly chosen word for brick and mortar institutions or "live" programs.)

    OP I hear WGU is doing totally online original RN programs in a couple of states (CA and TX? maybe?) but, again, I dunno that nursing is something you want to do totally online. There are programs that are live that you can continue to work while completing. Many CCs do evening RN programs. Check into it. There isn't really a good way around having to squeeze in classes with your clinicals. The concepts and amt of material in a program is vast and some of it is difficult to comprehend without an instructor face to face to clarify. In contrast, a BSN online is not as difficult to accomplish because you have a foundation of knowledge to build upon. The course work is still challenging online but you aren't learning from scratch, so to speak.
    Unfortunately, there is a difference between a degree from Duke or Johns Hopkins and one from an exclusively online school. One of them being, there is nothing on the Duke degree that says, "MBA Online".. it's an MBA from Duke. How it was achieved is irrelevant. I personally believe if someone is going to do a degree online, they should find a respected brick and mortar school to do it at.

    Not all degrees are created equal- a degree from UoP or Devry generally are going to get less attention from employers than a degree from a state university would.

    Having said all that- I am not dogging online education. I truly believe people should think hard before choosing an online school. If you read the Rip Off Report under colleges and universities.. UoP comes up again and again. As does just about ever other 'online' university.
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    i was just wanting to know if anyone has heard of this the school told me I could finish with a degree in 3 1/2 years but getting clinicals in was up to me i would have to set up with the state boad and i have never heard of anyone doing this program. i called the school just to see about doing my prereqs online and going to ivy tech for the program but i do work 12 hour days at aa nursing home and i just want to go further but no where to start and no where to go.....just so confused
    I would never go to a school that made me set up clinicals.

    Ok, there are 2 hospital based programs, 1 BSN program, and 1 community college ADN program, along with 2 for profit schools in the area. I know the 2 for profit schools cannot get into the hospitals because the hospitals have enough students to worry about with the above schools.

    I don't see how any online student could get in clinicals, unless you wanted to do them all in a nursing home, which just really isn't good enough experience. Students need variety.
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    The Frontline piece was fascinating.

    It was pretty fair, the conclusion seems to be that while there are clearly many cases of predatory and unethical activities, the for-profits serve a purpose.

    I have to confess to a certain prejudice against for-profit education, this video changed my opinion a bit but it also underlined the need to be careful before making any investment and making sure you check out the institution.

    And always remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    As for the OP, if the clinical rotation information is not clearly outlined or at least accessible from the college, walk away, look elsewhere.
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    The reason the clinical would be up to you is quite simple: no local hospitals are accepting the education that you receive from UOP for RN and being legit. Not to knock the school as a whole or for that matter the RN to BSN programs. ITT Tech has the same issue with their new RN programs. Hospitals do not care where you get your BSN because it has nothing to do with license. Sorry if any of you are upset about being fed a line of bull from the salesmen (I mean recruiters) from UOP.
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    Watched the Frontline video and it made me sick for those students who have LVN degrees that are useless because the school did no clinical training on real patients. They are in 30K in debt and can't possibly pay it back.
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    It does sound like these "for profit" schools are perfect if you want to be a welder though. I will give them that.
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    I actually earned my BS degree (non-nursng) online so I thought I would chime in.

    First off, no nursing program is 100% online due to the clinicals. Also, since when does Univ. of Phoenix admit non RNs into their BSN programs? Virtually all online nursing programs are in the RN-BSN format, meaning you must be a licensed RN on day 1.

    Also, don't think that online programs are easy. Before deciding on nursing, I was taking an online accounting class with a major public university in the northwest, and I dropped it. It was not only hard, but VERY boring.
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    Quote from JROregon
    Watched the Frontline video and it made me sick for those students who have LVN degrees that are useless because the school did no clinical training on real patients. They are in 30K in debt and can't possibly pay it back.
    If those students passed the NCLEX, then their degree is not useless. Do you know what they call students who graduate from third tier medical schools? DOCTOR.
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    "It is a reality that many hospitals and medical centers do not recognized many online nursing courses due to the issue of accreditation and rigid requirements for the minimal requirements for practice."

    You can't bash online programs for their accredidation. Many community colleges lack NLN and CCNE accredidation. Wouldn't you rather go to an online school like Excelsior that is NLN accredited than a campus program that has neither accredidation?
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    Quote from Donald11
    If those students passed the NCLEX, then their degree is not useless. Do you know what they call students who graduate from third tier medical schools? DOCTOR.
    It is useless when the facilities where they go to find a job ask them about their clinical experience and the women have to say that they got their pediatric experience at a daycare. If you have an LVN degree and the only job you can get is flipping burgers, your degree ain't worth $30k. Sorry.