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    I thought I would start this thread because whenever someone pops up who we haven't seen for ages I'm always tempted to take the thread off topic just to say hi, where have you been.

    I've missed the Tuesday evening chat room meet to so I thought here we can say hello, meet new UK nurses, find out what's been happening with each other and catch up.

    I'll make this a sticky so it stays at the top.
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    I think this is a fab idea - I never got to go on the chat room as it finished not long after I joined AN.
    I have not been active for a few weeks as have been a bit distracted with my dad - he found out recently that his cancer has spread & has multiple bone mets - so I was in a bit of a gloom. I had also scheduled my NCLEX for 22/09 and nearly cancelled it. So glad I didn't as I passed in 75 questions and my dad was so proud.
    I feel I'm getting back on track and dads symptoms seem to be more under control, thanks to the McMillian nurses.
    Are we getting the chat room back in the future?
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    Sorry to hear about your Dad ,Jane,hope all goes well with him.Sharrie this is a great idea,maybe some of the Brits who have emigrated to pastures new will pop in as well just to update us on how they are getting on.
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    Good idea Sharrie, I know I would have been more active here if chat was up and running. I prefer that 'live' way of communicating on forums, you can catch up with everyone much easier, and the banter is great.

    I am still waiting for my PD to become current (Jan 07) and next months bulletin is predicted to be the same as this months (Jan 05) according to Ron Gotcher. 'Tis a long long wait. I will be going to Houston and, erm, there ain't much left after Ike. I used to get on the Galveston webcams and see myself on the beach in the morning/sauntering along the seafront in the evening/looking out over the Gulf from the end of a pier at sunset. But Galveston has been washed away. A lot of the lovely old houses just gone.
    A lot of Houston got battered by winds and some of it flooded, there's still thousands without power. I watched it all happen on the internet news channels live, it was so sad.
    Maybe by the time I get there it will have been rebuilt, let's face it they could knock down the whole Gulf Coast and rebuild it by the time I get a visa
    I keep up with Silverdragon's log but that's about it.
    Can we have chat back pleeeeeeeaaase...........?
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    What a great idea.

    Well really settling in Canada even though the fall is coming and definitely getting cooler. Still waiting to hear when I can sit the Canadian exam but know it will not be next month.

    Jane sorry to hear about your dad but great news on passing the exam

    Billy I am sure things will move forward just may take longer

    I do miss chat and I am sure if anyone decides to bring it back they will make an announcement
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    Yeah, this is brilliant, it's things like seeing Billy pop in and being able to catch up without derailing threads.

    Jane great to see you, well done on the NCLEX. The Macmillan nurses are fantastic, I've just been involved in some fund raising for them and we have just handed a cheque over for 15,000 which is cool.

    Hey Billy, I haven't managed to get you a Harley yet but do you want to see my new ride

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    Hi and welcome to our brothers and sisters in the UK!!!!!!!!
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    hi everyone, jane sorry to hear about your dad, but congrats on the n-clex, thats one more thing out of the way in your quest to get here. some regulars know me well, but others dont, i blog just about every day, but just pop intothe uk site to see whats going on.
    i have links to scotland and wales so like to hear from back home. i still consider myself a uk nurse even although the nmc, have now put me on hold, as i have been here since 2004.
    we have travelled before finally settling in arizona, and have friends here that we networked with on allnurses, its a lifesaver to have them when you have no relatives over here. never managed the chatroom as it was always the wrong time for me, so this will give us a chance to talk.
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    Quote from sharrie
    Hey Billy, I haven't managed to get you a Harley yet but do you want to see my new ride
    Nice. Looks nearly as good as the FS1E I used to ride
    Looks like I will need something like that to get around Houston now!
    What CC is that bad boy?
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    It's a 750cc Africa Twin, no longer made by Honda and gaining a bit of a cult status in the UK.

    Shes lurvely to, purrs just like a puddy cat

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