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  1. Billy Shears

    Please help!!! UK student nurse

    You could at my University, a lot of students did due to pregnancy or personal problems. It was called 'intermitting'. Speak with your tutor.
  2. Billy Shears

    Why Do So Many Non-Nurses Post in the "International Nursing "Forum?

    Tell the truth I thought everyone on here was a Nurse in some form or other. Naiive really. It does explain some of the posts being a bit, shall we say, over assertively ignorant? Hmm, some people must really have an agenda.
  3. Billy Shears

    on the other side

    Sorry to hear this Cariad, hope you are OK. What you say about grief is so very true.
  4. Billy Shears

    update on UK TO USA

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou :)
  5. Billy Shears

    glasgow coma scale

    As an Activities Of Living assessment it is pertinent as there is allegedly a problem with their medication. This could be due to them not taking it appropriately (too often/omitting/wrong time etc). Probably be a good idea for the OP to refer to this tool in the body of their essay?
  6. Billy Shears

    glasgow coma scale

    You probably also need to be looking at pharmacology and neurology and get some evidence together. Whatever you write about the episode make sure you have good quality up to date evidence to argue for and against whatever care was delivered. Then evaluate. Be critical. Your questions will be answered by your research. If you are asking whether or not the Glasgow Coma Scale is used for patients who present with neurological problems then that is something that you need to get evidence on and say why it was or was not done, and what you have found is good practice through your research. Jeez I'm glad I don't have to do these essays anymore! :) All the best with it.
  7. Billy Shears

    on the other side

    All the best Cariad, will be thinking about your Nephew. Very difficult for you being so far away.
  8. Billy Shears

    UK Hospitals Policies ???

    At the hospital I used to work in we had problems with patients & relatives filming, recording and taking photos on mobile phones.
  9. Billy Shears

    nursing intervention for acute heart failure...

    Look up the mechanics of LVF
  10. Billy Shears

    help !!

    Assess, assess, assess. Look at your patient holistically, they have come in from the outside world because they are feeling ill. As a Nurse, what are you going to do to make them feel better? Don't get bogged down by the paperwork (OK it has to be done), get focused on your patient's condition. Good example: I had to float to our CDU/MAU recently, middle aged pt newly diagnosed IDDM, uncontrollable sugars. Insulin regime not helping so they were giving Actrapid prn. I went to give her regular meds, offered her a cup of water to take them with & she said she had some lemonade thanks which she usually took her tablets with. The lemonade had sugar in it. Pt had been there two or three days and really this could have been spotted earlier.
  11. Billy Shears

    non-nursing question for someone in the UK

    Although most of the cars are clockwork, they do have 12v cigarette lighters.
  12. Billy Shears

    NHS urged to curb staff sickness

    It maybe foolish but leaving a department dangerously understaffed is something some people cannot do (not having a dig there I don't always go in). We also get a ridiculous amount of paid holiday.
  13. Billy Shears

    NHS urged to curb staff sickness

    The end result of the paid sickness leave is that the well staff get brought in on their days off and holidays to cover. So the non-sick staff maintain the department staffing levels which leads to lower moral and long term sickness, even cessation. Great system.
  14. Billy Shears

    update on UK TO USA

    Be careful your kids don't age out!
  15. Billy Shears

    Hospital under fire

    Sir George Alberti is visiting my department on Wednesday. I guess you all know where I work..... Chin up Smiler, stick together.
  16. Cariad, I've offered two insights, they are not personal experiences or films. I haven't mentioned the US Healthcare system, I am not comparing. The OP wants some insights into Nationalised Healthcare.