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    I started this thread to list websites that can be used as resources for those working in or looking to work in the United Kingdom. I have added the potential to list European sites that may be useful as well especially for any who might want to go on a working holiday.

    I will start the thread but will rely on everyone to add to the thread

    I hope this will grow to be a valuable resource for all.

    Here is the Uk registration board

    Here is a nursing resources search engine.

    Here is another site
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    Heres some more you can do a search for almost any job including nursing)
    Those are the ones i remember off the top of my head.:-)
    I know i've got more so i'll post again.
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    The national electronic libary for health, with some great links:

    BMA, you can get some free articles and use the serahc engine:

    mixture of info on nursing, incluiding a great link for a students help guide to writing essays:

    A &P site:

    Info from Liverpool uni:

    M.A.D. changes, and the new information:

    Free on line medical dictionary:

    I have loads more, Ill try and track down the URLs and post them later.
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    if you have interest in respiratory disease here are a few web sites I frequent.

    and here are some more reference sites National Assosiation of Theatre Nurses

    Anna :kiss
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    A new one that has recently started up for nurses wanting to work in London
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    This is a really good Burn journal, but I think you need athens to get more than just the summary.
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    Here's a couple I've found useful

    (Various nursing jobs in the NE England. Berwick - Leeds)

    (Nursing body publications)

    (Scottish Agency nursing)

    Hope they can help
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    Just found this one.

    More medical than nursing but what the heck still some good info.