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    Hello there !
    Do you now how long it's normally takes to get registered as a nurse to MNC after all your documents have been sent ?
    Thank you

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    not sure in the UK but with all things being similar in Ireland my inital registration took 3 weeks I think. I think it was about the same for a friend of mine when she registered in N. Ireland. Good luck!!
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    Moved to the International forum

    A lot will depend on where you did your training. If trained within the UK then doesn't take long, outside the UK can take a few weeks depending on whether within the EU or not
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    uk trained it took me 2 weeks ost of that was the feee being paid advised cheques make it slower.
    oh uk trained can depend on your univesity and how goood thet are at sending everything off.
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    HI, I know that when I registered with the NMC it took approximately 3 months to complete the registration process and for my name to appear on the live register..... Oh but I do live in Northern Irelans so that may have caused delay....
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    Took them 9 months to get my registeration to me, and that was with alot of chasing up. I trained i the UK, and was re-registering after 15 years abroad
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    Blimey 9 months is really slow

    I think our newly qualified usually wait about 6 to 8 weeks but dome can take a little longer
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    good day im in uk on my 1st stage application with nmc - my question is will they allow my volunteer work experienceas work experience because i was working back home already for more than 1 year before applying for my registartion with PRC silly me
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    i would suggest you ask the nmc this as all it states on their website is

    and you must have at least 12 months of registered practice in the field of nursing or midwifery for which you want to apply

    trained outside europe | nursing and midwifery council
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    hi. i just want to ask if The Uk has stop hiring nurses from overseas like the Philippines..please help ..or if you know other agencies that can help sponsor me.. presently I am processing my NMC on my own and I have 3 years of hospital experience.

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