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  1. by   Sun*shine
    P.S. Big up to all the UK student nurses woooo!!!
  2. by   lizzydawn
    can not find any postings for 2009!
  3. by   Chixie
    Hi, ive just started my second year at the university of bedfordshire

    One big question-how do i apply to be a bank HCA at my trust? (need the money)
  4. by   lizzydawn
    Hi, sorry but i have no idea lol
  5. by   ayla2004
    Quote from Chixie
    Hi, ive just started my second year at the university of bedfordshire

    One big question-how do i apply to be a bank HCA at my trust? (need the money)
    contact HR and ask them if they are recruiting and get the form.
    you will need references, a CRB, screened by occu health and do your bsl/m&H
  6. by   Chixie
    Brilliant Ends are just not meeting at the moment so fingers crossed
  7. by   oreo75
    If you are planning to work as a HCA while doing your training try & not let the uni know you are doing this or planning to, as it's something that is looked down upon. For reference's I'd be looking to use ward managers from your placements. When I was a student, it was really looked down upon by the tutors from the university, the uni know I was working & everytime I saw my tutor it was mentioned, but without doing it I couldn't of made it to the end of the course.

    I think working as a HCA is a good idea as you then know what it's like to be a hca, you will gain extra skills & knowledge & you earn money, you need to make sure you get the balance right.
  8. by   Chixie
    Thank you Oreo-my uni are very against us working but ive got no choice as its the travel to uni that is costing the fortune (50 a week to class) Shame really.

    Im only looking at picking up one shift (most likely saturday nights or maybe a week day when ive done my hours for the week)
  9. by   Zana2
    Find out whether your trust employes their own bank (on NHSjobs, they are listed as normal jobs as it were) or they use NHS Professionals (my trust doesn't, they want to employ their own for their own bank, 12 miles up the road they do employ NHS professionals).
    Also, student financial support might be useful. Ask at Uni, they offer hardship funds, loads of paperwork to do and they calculate how much you are entitled to with a formula. It's not a loan, they just give you a procent of the difference between what you earn and what you spend. It's a once a year lump sum.
    And yes, don't say anything about working on a bank, we were quite 'scared' in the first year, come the 3rd year, everybody's doing it matter of factly.
    Good luck.
  10. by   Chixie
    I had a look at NHS professionals-my trust doesnt appear on there so they use their own staff as bank. I shall pop into HR and have a chat/ring them. Id much rather be working as a HCA/CSW than bar/waitress staff as at least im learning as im working

    If my hospital wont take me then i am looking at the next hospital up the road (12 miles) but the bus service is rather good
  11. by   MandaAnda
    My uni didn't recommend it, but they understood that most people did it. I mean, what do you expect on such a poor bursary? Aside from Trust banks and NHS Professionals, some Trusts use agency to sort out their bank, which ends up being staff and random agency. Imperial College do this, for example. They use Pulse.
  12. by   nightmare
    We often have nursing students work as Care Assistants with us.They gain confidence in the 'basics' and also get a greater insight into working with the elderly and the problems of the elderly such as Dementia etc.
  13. by   Varda
    Would any of the posters know what universities/school in the UK are open about taking foreign (european) exchange students for a semester? I'm looking for options because I would like to do one semestre abroad, get in contact with a different culture, and english is a language I have some ease with - unlike french, for instance, or czech. However no one at my uni has gone on an exchange program to england, at least in the nursing course! Ours is a 4 year degree and I know there are quite a lot of differences already (I learnt how to do venipucture and start IV's on my first year, for instance, and after 4 years of uni training with placements every year in different clinical areas, we come out as generalist nurses) but I'd still like to try and go to the UK. Mainly because of the language and the fact that I have friends there, but also because england was the birthplace of Florence Nightingale, and what could be more symbolic than doing clinicals at the St. Thomas Hospital, for instance?

    If anyone can give suggestions of universities/schools who may be willing to accept exchange students, please let me know!

    Oh, I'm portuguese, studying at the Escola Superior de Enfermagem So Joo de Deus - University of vora.