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Hi, I'm a female nursing student in America and I want to work in London when I graduate. I want some life experience and an adventure. I'm single and have no children, so I have nothing keeping me... Read More

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    There are agencies that deal with temporary nurses. One that I know of is NHS professionals. Or you could also apply for a part-time job in the NHS or the private sector.

    Quote from sunnyjohn
    Can an American nurse work part-time or per-diem in the UK?

    I am applying for a scholarship which would allow me to study for the MPH at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

    If I do ge the scholarship, by the time I am ready to being studying at the U of London in 2007 I will have been a nurse for nearly a year.

    I would like to work part-time or PRN for the year or 18 months I am in London for the experience and to keep my skills sharp.

    Is part-time, PRN or a casual position possible for an International nurse?

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    Quote from madwife2002

    Yes you can get part time job or work with an agency, they pay great rates in London. You will still need to be registered with the NMC.
    Yeah!!! Thanks madwife that is good news. I will get on my paperwork with the NMC as soon as I pass the NCLEX.

    Can you recommend any other agencies?

    Should I use the working holiday visa, student visa or just get the visa for nurses?
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    As a new nurse, you have different requirements for getting initial licensure in the UK. Also be aware, that is London, the salaries can be considered good but the cost of livin gis totally outrageous. Same as with living in Bay Area, the salaries are high, but the cost of living is also quite high.

    Similar to working agency in the US, they are going to want experience first.
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    I've talked to you guys in the past - delighted, expat, to see that I'm not the only US student nurse in the UK??!! (was going to say Yank, but then remembered that you're a southerner !)

    This has been a long and involved thread, but getting back to the original question, I too would be happy to be a UK Nurse friend to a US nurse.

    What do you all think about the prospects in the US for UK-trained midwives? are there any opportunities, or are "all" US births overseen by obstreticians?

    Expat and I have conversed in the past about how difficult (or not) it is to get over tothe US but I too have been mega intimidated by the prospect of not being able to measure up to US RN capabilities because of less strenuous "diagnostic" training in the UK. Maybe that's just a risk we foreigners have to take?

    I know loads of people have moved to the US from UK nursing posts (see my recent post about what's it like). Most of them have been Philipinos, who are generally trained according to a US "medical" model )(according to them!)

    I'm hoping to hear from people who've made the jump and can tell us how they've coped.

    xx to you both

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