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  1. by   jepipie
    it's so nice to find someone who has a lot of experience under her belt retain her sense of humor.
  2. by   SusanKathleen, RN
    Hi Daytonite!
    Congratulations. Good article. Love your posts.

    Regards, Susan K
  3. by   vampiregirl
    Congrats Daytonite! Thank you for providing insightful, honest, and educational posts here on allnurses.
  4. by   suzi-Q
    I owe you a big thank you too. I always look for your posts and have learned so much.

    When I am finally a nurse I will be thinking of all the help I got from someone I don't even know but wish I could!

    You are the best!

  5. by   herring_RN
    Thank you Daytonite!
  6. by   hillarypeace2006
    I agree, she is helpful, I have downloaded a lot of her responses.. This is a classic example of embracing us students and "paying it foward" congrats..
  7. by   lpnflorida
    I love Daytonite"s posts.

    She really could write her own nursing book as far as I am concerned. Her posts have helped me out so much. :smilecoffeeIlovecof
  8. by   mybrowneyedgirl
    You are the best Daytonite!

    Thank you for all of your help. I always look forward to your posts.

  9. by   lvnhopeful
    Wow!!!! I was so glad to come upon this post. If anyone deserves to be in the spotlight, it is daytonite. She carried me through nursing school and I have never read a post from her that I felt didn't hit the spot right on.

    Thanks for all your words of wisdom daytonite. I am a better student and soon-to-be nurse because of you. You have made me feel like I was protected and sheltered under the willow tree branches.:heartbeat
  10. by   rwright15
    Yes!! I am in Nursing 3, and so many times when I have a question, I have learned to come here and look for related Daytonite responses! She has been helping me for over a year now! She didn't know it, but just last night (well actually early this am) I was working on a couple of care plans to turn in today.. I just found a related post, looked for a post from Daytonite, clicked on her links she ALWAYS provdes, and wallah, it helped me so much. I am forever grateful to allnurses, and Daytonite.
  11. by   Feathers
    Thank you very much for taking the time to help out so many of us! I have used quite a few of the references that you've provided, & many more are bookmarked for future use.
  12. by   Brian
    For those who were not aware, our dear friend Daytonite passed away. Please see this thread for more details: Daytonite has passed away... - Nursing for Nurses

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