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Share your study tips. What works for you can work for another struggling to learn.

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  2. Nicole336

    15 of My Favorite Study Tips

    Thank you for all of your tips! I just started nursing school last week. Do you have anything to add on for working mothers?
  3. Hello, I am currently failing my Med/Surg semester in school. Not because I don't know the material or I don't study, but I was told that I don't know how to answer nursing test questions effectively or I still have test anxiety. I have practiced many questions (so many my eyes hurt), but I just can't do it when it's test time. I improved by 4 points on my last test (from test 5 to test 6). What are proven ways that I can calm my nerves before a test? I have two more tests this semester, and if I can do well, I'll pass.
  4. mp72


    Do you use any premade decks? My husband is in med school and they have SO many premade decks that are great resources but I haven't found any for nursing school/NCLEX. I use anki exclusively for studying
  5. Thanks for posting these great resources which are quite helpful. Along these lines, does anybody use any online nursing study resources pointed out here among other articles and web searches? NRSNG Scrubcheats NCLEX RN Mastery Studystack Nursing Picmonic UWorld Epocrates Some of these programs are quite expensive so it would be great to get some real-world advice on what works best not only for studying in nursing school but for preparing for the NCLEX too, what do you think?
  6. I found this to be true when I was taking the Nutrition and Statistics prerequisites for the UCSF MEPN program this past Spring 2019 at DVC where I always performed several points higher when I just slowed down a couple of days before a test and got as much sleep as possible. The preparatory work is great, but your actual performance will be determined on the examination and not by working and reworking problems or studying the material over and over again or so it seemed for me in these two classes. But with my acceptance into the LMC RN program, I will wait and apply to an MSN program after I work as an RN and get a little bit of experience under my belt. Along these lines, I came across this wonderful TED2019 April 2019 talk Sleep is Your Superpower where Matt Walker author of Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams Scribner (2017) talks about the importance of sleep in preparing your brain to learn and write those memories after you learn. So what is the consensus on getting more sleep before a test, helpful or hurtful?
  7. Books to read 1. Saunders NCLEX book & Nursing Diagnosis Priority Care Plan 2. Physiological of Basic Acute Care 3. Pharmacology of Basic Acute Care 4. Prioritization, Delegation, Assignment 5. NSCBN NCLEX Test Plan **Bonus Mark K audio**
  8. seashellmichelle

    Sleep is Your Best Friend

    Happy that I've been doing that then! lol It's true though. The sleep works so much more than the extra study time. Plus, if you prioritize sleep and can get up earlier, you'll feel refreshed and ready to take on some new info.
  9. seashellmichelle

    Find your method

    I've found studying for 30 mins and then taking 40 or so mins as a break and repeating that a few times works for me. I think a lot of people just cram everything and forget how important it is to take breaks. The longer you study the less you will retain, at least from what I see. In terms of study methods, I do a few different things. I first read the unit I need to study, then I write out all the key terms, lastly, I read these things aloud, almost like teaching an imaginary class. When I do this part I try to put things in my own words the best I can. I've found this to be the best routine for me. So far I've been maintaining the best grades I've had by implementing different study methods plus breaks.
  10. normai

    Never Give Up!

    I love to read inspiring nurses that are making a difference. I am 47 and I have three kids. I decided to go back to school to be a nurse because I love helping people and I love being able to make a difference even if its a small one. I have been a HHA, CNA, MA all together I have been someway or anaother in the health field. I'm failing A&P and I feel so ashamed something I have wanted for so many years and now I have the opportunity because my children are older, and I have failed. I will never get into nursing school. Ugh my heart is broken. I wanted so much to be a hospice nurse. Well best wishes to all the nurses and future nurse.
  11. Not having any luck opening the provided links.
  12. I couldn't get links to work. Could someone please upload them again. Thanks!
  13. tonyl1234

    Find your method

    And DO NOT go in following someone else's study schedule. That whole "rule" of study for 2 hours per 1 hour of class time, forget you've ever heard that. Study as much as YOU need to study. It doesn't matter whether you've been studying for 20 minutes or 40 hours, those lab values have the same exact meaning. Study to learn, and review to maintain. Plan your time around what you need to accomplish that. And take a night off, go out and have some drinks with your friends. Reward yourself for all the hard work. It helps keep you focused.
  14. Hello!!! Sorry for the LATE reply, but soon you will understand what it's like to be a nurse. Congratulations on starting your first semester of Nursing school!!! If you have some really supportive family members, practice some skills on them. Or, if that doesn't work, get a cheap teddy bear to practice your assessments on (I practiced my assessments on my dog ), buy some of the foam floaties that kids play with in the pool to practice IV sticks (and maybe foleys as well). My school provided us with a bag full of goodies we could practice with, including the foley catheter. You could also try to play-doh to create a model of the heart to learn the pathway of blood-flow through the heart, or anything else you feel as if you need to whip out the play-doh for. Good luck!!!
  15. You are describing the pomodoro stud technique.
  16. Think that getting less sleep in favor of studying is a good idea? Wrong, my friend! When we sleep we consolidate new information that we've learned throughout the day; meaning that sleep is vital to turn that new information into long-term memories. That extra hour of studying will be worthless if you don't get at least 6-8 hours, so close that book and get some shut-eye!
  17. If you keep rereading text over and over and nothing is sticking, find another way to get that information in your head. Draw out charts, make the information into funny pictures, and create stories out of those images. There are also apps online to help you do this if you are creatively challenged, but are still a visual learner. Take advantage of the technology out there and know that there are ways around dated, old methods of studying.
  18. Make sure you have healthy snacks handy that are quick and provide you with satiety; mixed nuts and fruit are great examples. This way prepping food won't run into your study time, and when you have the snacks ready to go, it doesn't give you an excuse to take a really long break to make a huge meal (let's face it; that can be a way of procrastinating to avoid getting back to studying!) Save the big meal for after the study sesh.
  19. Set a timer so that you know you have to focus for 20 straight minutes without any distractions; no social media or texting. That way you know that when that 20 minutes of focus is up, you can take a 5-minute break from the intensity, grab a snack, catch up on what you missed on Instagram, and come back fresh and ready to go.
  20. Make sure you are in an environment that is conducive to YOUR (not your friend's, not your classmate's...) most productive way of studying. If you need complete silence, go somewhere quiet. If you need a little stimulation, go to a coffee shop. If you need natural light, make sure there are windows around. If you like to feel like a vampire when you're studying, hide in a basement. Whatever it is, make sure you're environment supports you to get the most out of your study session.
  21. There are also apps for visual mnemonics for nursing school that help visual learners remember all the tiny details we need to know as nurses
  22. mar9

    Positive Tips For Study Success

    I think allowing yourself planned study breaks is key as well, that way you can let the information sink into your brain and come back fresh!

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