Statistics Class PLEASE HELP

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    I need help ASAP! I have to take a Statistics class this summer and I was wondering if anyone knows of any online Statistics classes available? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
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    You should have no problem finding a basic statistics class online through a community college in your State (that's how I took it).
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    monroe community college has a TON of online summer courses =)
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    What state are you in?

    If you want to pay out of state tuition of almost $1000 and know that the course is accepted by your college you can try the college I attend in Florida.
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    If your program will accept the transfer credit, Rio Salado Online. I took Stats, A and P I and II, Micro, Gen Chem, and Nutrition all online while I was deployed to Iraq for a year.

    The online courses are not easy though, but if you have the discipline to study as much as the virtual classroom requires you will do just fine

    Best of luck to you
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    I took stats online through South University 2 summers ago because I was up against a time crunch and my community college only offered it during the day (I worked then) in Fall semester.

    It was pricey and HARD, but I learned what I needed.
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    The University of New England offers an online statistics course that you can start at any time and you can complete it as fast as you are able:
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    I'm taking it through ccconline right now. I should think you'd have no problem finding an online stats course in your state through a community college.
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    Is it better to do statistics online or in a classroom, i hear it is very difficult? Any comments
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    As I said in April (above), I took mine through ccconline. I heard the horror stories about stats and was leary, but it was the easiest math class I've ever taken. If you have a hard time with math, I would consider taking it on campus so you can ask the teacher for help and get hands on tutoring if you need it. My class was pretty much self taught with the help of a few sites but I ended up with a 97%. It all depends a lot on the type of learning you do, and your study skills. Good luck!

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