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    I am absolutely terrified of the pharmacology class that I have to take this fall at RSCC. Can someone please put my nerves to rest and tell me what it is going to be like?

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    Well the pharm that I have in my LPN program was not tough at all for me. It was medication safety, administration, classification and dosage calculations.
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    straight up memorization....but my pharm class was integrated with pathophys so it made it a little bit easier to understand how/why drugs work the way they do....
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    I'm not sure what YOUR pharm class will be like but I loved mine. We had a GREAT book by Lehne that I think was called Pharmacology for Nursing care. The author wrote so that a nursing student could understand it and even joked a little bit. This book when read could teach you anything about pharmacology with little instructor help. The difference between many program pharm classes is they either make you memorize each drug or actually learn how drug classes work. Lehne's book taught you the principles of the mechanics of pharmacology with not as much emphasis on each actual individual drug. The purpose of this is that if you know what an anti-cholinergic drug does you can understand the principle of any drug that is classified as this rather than memorizing each individual drug (which you will most likely forget).

    HOpe this helps!
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    This is all that's getting to me. I've heard that the LPN pharmacology was easy. I'm not that great with memorization, and this textbook is killing me. I'm a teacher, so I can pretty much teach myself anything with a book. But this book is's like it's Greek from page one. And there are so many different boxes and colored sections on each page you can't really pay attention to the words b/c your head is being sent in circles with all of the colors. I'm glad I have time to get a jump on this before the class starts.
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    I remember pharm book was impossible.....and totally seemed like a foreign language. But hopefully you have a good instructor who will sit with you and go over things that you don't understand. What helped me was making charts of all the different classes of drugs and how they work.

    Good Luck!
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    We lost 4 students out of 16 in our class from pharm. But, then again, we had a "teacher" that came in and read us the powerpoint and left. We also had Lehne, I really liked the book but it is difficult to actually learn how each drug works when you're tested over 30-50 drugs for each exam. I'd start getting into the book right now, just familiarizing yourself with everything and feeling comfortable with the major drug classes, and understanding basic pharm (Absorp, Distrib, Metabolism, Excretion), etc. It will make the transition to class much easier. Good luck!
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    memorization and calculations. the drug classes start to make sense when utilizing them in theory classes such as mental health
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    calculations are easy

    difficult is to remember all the littlest things about all meds!!! and being tested in 11 different classes in just 1 test!!!

    but we went through it and so can you!!!!

    pay as much attention in the class as you can, it will facilitate your self learning, because that is what NS is all about!
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    That Lehne book is amazing. By far the best book I have had in nursing school.

    Seriously, the secret to pharm is UNDERSTANDING the MOA and what the drug is doing. I didn't memorize at all. It's all about realizing what the MOA is and what sides would follow the MOA and the interventions that go along with them. Pharm is linear and exact. It is not some abstract community class. If you liked patho, you should like Pharm. By far my favorite class.
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