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I just got accepted into the RN program starting Aug. 09 and I started wondering... What is the ONE thing you current students couldn't do without? Try to think of your day and what item makes it either easier or simply... Read More

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    Good classmates - help your classmates, and they will help you when needed. You WILL need their help - it's just a matter of time.
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    Quote from CrufflerJJ
    Good classmates - help your classmates, and they will help you when needed. You WILL need their help - it's just a matter of time.
    Thank you and congratulations on your new RN adventure!
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    A calendar....however you choose to have one....have one. They throw so much at you...especially 1st semester..... and you really have to learn time management in nursing school.

    Also....caffiene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried ONCE to sit through lecture w/o stopping at Starbucks before class....I have never made that mistake again!!!!!
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    My Coffee!!!!!!!!! Couldn't make it through nursing school without it
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    My planner (keeps me organized) and my determination
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    Cheap calculator that is pocket sized, with all my work related phone numbers on the back.
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    I was going to say my Blackberry because it has my Google calender and all of my families schedules in it. It also allowed me to keep in touch with my husband and everywhere he was with the kids while I was studying or at school thru text messages. But I think I have to put Diet Coke even before my Blackberry. I don't drink coffee so I would not of survived without my Diet Coke.
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    NCLEX review books, Saunders is the best. you enter notes etc and it makes them into flashcards, study charts, crossword puzzles, hangmen, you can look at and print other peoples notes, and best of all it is FREE

    Review and Rationales books, they have one for every nursing subject, helps you understand the rationale which really helps with tests. I used the Maternity one a lot last semester

    Giant 3 month dry erase wall calender. It is on my dining room wall, and I put all assignments, tests etc on it. Also I print off a calendar that has the entire semester on one sheet (our school has it on the mainpage of their website) and put everything on it and put a copy in the front of each binder.
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    We had so many papers given to us in nursing school. The one thing I wish I had purchased was a portable 3 ring punch to carry in my bag. Get a paper, punch it right away, into the binder it goes. Keep it all organized. Without it, I ended up having loose papers all over the place.
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    Dark Chocolate when the load gets too much!!!

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