What kind of shoes do you wear for work?

  1. I am starting my first CNA position in a week and just wondered what type of shoes seasoned CNA's have used, or do use? I bought Reebok sneakers for training, but wasn't on my feet for 8 hours at a time, so I don't know how they will be. I am in love with the Cherokee Anywear Nursing clogs...but don't know if I will love them wearing them 8 hours!! They have great reviews on the places I have looked online though. Opinions please. Thanks!!
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  3. by   stargazer88
    Just make sure they are very supportive. Many people add cushioned insoles or orthotics as well. I wear Reebok walking shoes. Also support hose or socks. The floors are usually not giving at all, cement under a thin layer of flooring. It will kill your legs after awhile. Anyone who has been in the field for years can tell you about the spider and varicose veins. prevention is best!

    Good luck in your new position!!
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  4. by   stargazer88
    I also buy them a half size too big, feet swell after a long day!
  5. by   Baubo516
    I am not a seasoned CNA, but have been working as a CNA since July 2011. I have a pair of Saucony walking shoes that have been very good for me. They are supportive and mad of leather, so they wipe off easily. I wear them tied loosely so I can slip them on and off. They are good for walking and also slightly bulky which protects my feet if I accidently roll over them with one of the wheels of the hoyer lift! This has happened more than once so I am glad for the protection.
  6. by   mindyfromcali
    Skechers shape ups are really nice for long shifts unless you have an ankle condition. I also recommend shoes for crews, they are slip resistant and perfect for giving patients showers. Just make sure they have a good amount of cushion and a good tread for slip resistance.
  7. by   nursedaddy123
    When I do occasional case managing in patient's homes, I wear the Nike Air Goadome Boots! These are necessary in people's homes. I've had ankle dogs gnaw at these shoes, I've had to kick open doors and dogs with these babies, and more. Home Health Nursing is like Battlefield Nursing.
  8. by   yousoldtheworld
    I have about 6 pairs of shoes I rotate through, I find it's best to not wear the same shoes every day. I have some clogs and some walking shoes/toning shoes, the only requirements for me is that they have decent arch support and good cushioning and shock absorption.

    Shoes I love for work:

    Reebok ZigNano
    New Balance toners
    Alegria Feliz
    Anywear clogs
  9. by   Julie19
    I have about three pair of shoes that I rotate on my three twelve's right now. Nike Air Max, Nike Free TR Fit, and a pair of Puma Voltaic's. All are very comfortable shoes.
    I also put Dr Scholl's massaging gel work insoles in all my shoes plus I wear fuzzy socks for extra support/comfort. And to whoever said to buy your shoes half a size larger is absolutely right. Your feet will swell and you'll be so glad for that bit of extra room.
  10. by   student forever
    SAS sneakers. They have a cushiony insert that I remove each night so the shoes will air out better. I didn't do that the first month and I thought the shoes were getting mold!! But that ended when I began to remove the inserts. This one pair is all I have ever worn so far and my feet are good to go. My ankles, however do ache after 8 hours of work.

    One benefit of SAS is that they can be thrown in the washer and dryer with a big bath towel and come out like new (even the all-leather sandals).
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  11. by   IdianaCNA1993
    Stay away from converses because my feet, legs, hips, and lower back hurt at the end of my shifts weather I work a 4 hour shift or a full 12 hour shift and anything in between, and thats even when I take a tylenol before my shift. I find my Nike's work great. When I get off I feel like I could still go for another 12 hours on my feet. Plus I always take an 8hour tylenol before my shift and on my lunch break no matter what shoes I am wearing.
  12. by   tnbutterfly
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  13. by   Inori
    SAS shoes .. this stuff is industrial made for people who work in jobs that stand all day and move around. Nonskid, leather, have vents, lotsa support and shock absorbers. Colors: black or white, 2 styles. And the only shoe i have ever gotten which you can start wearing em immediately out of the box its expensive but worth it. (almost $99) I wore em as student nurse to clinicals and such well after semester 2 people started noticing that I had super comfy shoes and by graduation you bet people caught on. Feet is like your most vaulable assest whole body rests on them so scrimp and save everywhere else but get good quality shoes.
  14. by   nguyency77
    I wear the Reebok ZigTech for good traction. And I always keep extra dry socks in my bag, in case I get sprayed with water by a resident during a shower! We had to wear white shoes in clinical, and I had no money at the time so I was stuck with these random Skechers. AWFUL. The traction wore out in a week, so I was slipping and sliding everywhere. And they had no support. What can I say? They were on sale for a reason!