What color scrubs do you wear?

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    Do all the RNS in your hospital wear the same color?

    Which color?

    Is it by role, or unit? (like all RNS wear navy, techs wear ciel)

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    There are 3 hospitals in this area and they're all color-coded. 1 - nurses wear royal blue, techs wear black; 2 - nurses wear navy blue, not sure what others wear; 3 - not sure what nurses and techs wear, PAs wear black. It confused the heck out of me when, after a day of clinicals at hospital 1, I had to take my mother to the ER at hospital 3...the PA treating her didn't have his name tag on and I was still in black-means-PCT mode. There is also a nursing home not far from me where nurses wear white, techs/aides wear navy blue, and ancillary staff wear burgandy.
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    All RN's and LPN's wear Royal Blue, and all Aides wear Ceil Blue. I actually like it that way.
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    RNs wear navy, lab wears black, respiratory wears brown...I believe radiology wears red. I'm not sure about the rest.
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    Only RNs and Techs have mandated colors- RNs in navy and Techs in teal. I had to wear ceil at my last job, so as much as I'm not super happy about being told what to wear (yes, I'll get over it), I'm much, much happier to be in navy blue rather than ceil blue (not only is it a horrible color, it was what we had to wear in nursing school).
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    No color codes in my institution. We wear pretty much whatever we feel like.
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    Whatever, thank goodness, though many of us wear solid colors. I wear anything from Ceill on Ceil to black with hot pink top underneath.
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    Curious why it is that RN's predominately seem to have to wear a Navy to Royal blue scrub color? What does that symbolize or represent? So many coworkers have grumbled about having to wear that color. There are some other blues that are more cheery and uplifting. I don't like the dark blues, and after escaping it for well over a yr, the college I teach at just did a uniform switcho-changeo to: Royal Blue! I was just getting used to the other blah color.. maroon.
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    It's probably the only color people could agree on. Here the nurses used to all wear navy blue capes as part of their uniforms. I've also heard of green and maroon. I doubt tht has anything to do with the current color coding, but I thought it was interesting.

    Here are pics:
    Capping ceremony, 1955 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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    At my facility we can wear whatever color scrubs we want: there is no need to color-code the RNs since we all have big tags on our badges that say "RN." IMO, that is far more effective at distinguishing who RNs are than having them dress in the same color.

    I prefer solid-colored scrubs in the darker colors. I wear a lot of black, purple and navy blue.
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