Want to buy Danskos, but should I wait til I'm working so I know if color will

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    matter to the employer? Or do most employers not care about the color of shoes? I'm a student know, but I'm almost done (I'll finish the RN program in 9 weeks. Yah-hoo!) Anyway, my shoes I have are killing me, and everyone says Dansko's are wonderful. Do most employers let you wear any color, or do most insist on plain white? I want to get some now to get me through clinicals and starting my first job. The shoes I have are gonna have to go. Any advice for a newbie?

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    I have been in a number of facilities across the country and from what I have seen, very few wear white Danskos. Most are brown or black. Even black patent leather-those are really sharp looking.
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    I LOVE my fake snakeskin Danskos! I've also seen the leopard-print ones - those are pretty cool, too. I would wait, though, since some institutions do have a dress code for shoes. They are a lot of money to spend on a shoe you can't wear.
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    Do you have a job offer? If so ask your future employer for a copy of the dress code. If no job, I would just get something cheaper but comfortable. No use in buying cute shoes just to find out that you cant wear them. I had that happen to me with a pair of Crocs with the holes on top. Good Luck though.
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    Maybe try takin' a look at the shoes runnin' around the hospital---or hospital(s) that you might want to work at. The hospital I work at has a very specific dress code about scrubs, shoes, and headwear (I'm in OR) and it is NOT enforced in most units. There are maybe 3 units that go (somewhat) by the dress code, and I'm glad I waited instead of going by the policies they put out!! Just my though...

    CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming graduation! Trust yourself and your knowledge when it comes to the boards!
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    If you want to play it safe, I'd go with black rather than white. I don't think I've ever seen anyone where I work wear white Danskos. Like someone else said, most people where black or brown but tons of people also wear the fun colors and patterns!
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    My hospital's dress code requires white shoes for anyone who does direct patient care. Some people get away with black...but you never know when the manager is going to crack down on dress code violations. I wear white shoes, it's not worth getting written up for.
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    At my hospital anything goes for footwear. Heck, I've even seen a nurse manager wearing sandals with no socks (which is how they should be worn, but definately not with scrubs!). We have strict dress code for scrubs, but not shoes. Nurses wear navy blue scrubs, and I have seen many different colored shoes. I wear white tennis shoes or navy crocs.
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    You can hardly go wrong with white -- I wear white Nike Shox. But I have Danskos too -- in Petrol. At my hospital, the RNs wear navy/white and the Petrol works perfectly. I did wait until I had a job offer though -- even though you're excited about graduating (and rightfully so!), I would wait to spend the money on Danskos until you know what color is required.

    You're almost there!!!
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    At my hospital all nurses are required to wear white shoes..

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