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This may be a silly question but... What type of stethoscopes are best for clinicals? Should I invest in a really expensive one or should I just get an affordable one that can get me through... Read More

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    Littman Lightweight is the most affordable and you will get the most use of it. Our college gave us some cheap ones to use, but when I forgot mine I ended up borrowing one of my friends (she would use the cardiac one) and I loved the Littman Lightweight. I ended up ordering it online at and got a very good price for it. I love my lightweight. Although the Cardiac one I'm sure is better, but for price wise and since most nursing students are struggling financially, get the littman lightweight, it really is the best. Good Luck

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    For me, i wasnt spending $300 on a steth when i just dropped about 1500 on books. My school recommended just buyina beginners steth, and thats what I got(i got the prestige steth for like $30)Now that I am almost through the program, Ive recently invested in a litman. But if you were like me and dont want to spend that much at the beginning, a few of my class mates have a double headed(? it has tubing off of each ear piece all the way down to the bell) from prestige and they feel it is a great steth- they can hear alot clearer than the regular steth from prestige...and i think i just saw that one on clearance for like 15 bucks online- heres the link

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