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  1. Sarah Hay

    Unsure of what happened

    That's odd. One morning about 6am a patient on our floor went out of and fell back onto the bed and the charge nurse ordered a stat chest x-ray because the patient never regained consiousness and the pulse and BP were wack. After the x-ray, while the x-ray tech was getting on to the elevator she had a really bad attitude and was like don't ever order a stat x-ray. The charge nurse said when we need it, we need it, sorry you have a job.
  2. Sarah Hay

    Nursing and tattoos

    I have a few tattoos. Let's see... going head to toe. I have a red tribal sun on the back of my neck. On the left of my neck (on the side) I have a few stars, a nautical star, and my zodiac (Gemini). On my left posterior shoulder I have a japenese symbol representing the word Crisis - straight from the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses textbook from nursing shool. On my right wrist I have the dragon Smaug, from The Hobbit. On my left side I have a very large and detailed tattoo which I cannot describe in detail other than it involves the iron eagle and other things. On my anterior left hip I have another japanese symbol ... not sure what it means. I forgot. On my right anterior hip I have a playboy bunny which I got quite a few years ago. And lastly ... I have a very large colourful tattoo dragon on my right buttock. (= Still more to come! Oh, I'm 22 years old and an RN.
  3. All patients have a right to deny any type of care. You must document the refusal, however. Your professor should be shamed for making you think you HAVE to make your patient accept any care you offer.
  4. Sarah Hay

    Wearing scrubs to clinicals...

    Dressing room.
  5. Sarah Hay

    Pharmacology help....17 drugs by thursday!

    Epocrates.com is also a great help. Or go buy a drug guide. In my program, we were required to purchase one. [= Good luck!
  6. Sarah Hay

    Which drug to give..........and why????

    I'd choose morphine.
  7. Sarah Hay

    Docusate & Contraindications....continue?

    Sorry, misread the first sentence. ]=
  8. Are your credits transferable? At my program/college, our nursing credits will not transfer so if we choose to leave this program, we'd have to start all over from the beginning somewhere else. Every college is different though.
  9. Sarah Hay

    Numbing cream for peds IV's?

    When I did my rotation on a Pediatric floor, the RN used sweeties on a little infant while doing his IV.
  10. Sarah Hay

    motivation for studying

    For motivation ... if I do not study and make good grades, then they will kick me out and there goes the past year and a half of my life wasted and I'll be a big bum
  11. Sarah Hay

    Help me please!!

    That's odd. I had no problem what so ever getting in the ADN program here in Florida. I applied, took the exam and got the letter in the mail. I didn't even know I had completed the proper pre-reqs because I was just taking random science classes. I'm not sure if I got in so easy because my 4.0 with being a full time college student for a year or two or this is just a small community college? Good luck.
  12. Sarah Hay

    Things you need to know about Drexel

    100,000 $ for your RN?
  13. Sarah Hay

    Male Student Nurse Interested in OB.

    Equal Oppurtunity Employer
  14. Sarah Hay

    medication sheets

    [= Here you go. Medication Preparation Sheet.doc
  15. Sarah Hay

    Which Has Priority? Pain or Nutrition?

  16. Sarah Hay

    dumb and stuttering nurse

    Well, you go to nursing school to get 'un-dumbed' and I'm working on that and I stutter occasionally like at the beginning, but once I get into the subject and talking more the stuttering goes away. [=