Purple;or, I'm Not Barney

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    Anyone know of/ever seen any purple scrubs that would be appropriate for a male nurse? :O

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    ....because you just have to have something in grape...?
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    Any version of purple is acceptable (coming soon) for my unit, but none I've seen are acceptable to ME as a manly man supa-hero, yanno?
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    what about aviator scrubs?? they have lots of pockets and look pretty manly to me, even in purple
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    That's a brand, or a style?
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    a brand... I think their website is aviatorscrubs.com
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    Bortaz, I want a picture!! Purple scrubs are not uncommon around here, even on guys. Though it's usually only with the TCU graduates (they love their purple around here).
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    I would think "eggplant purple" would be the most dude like
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    Quote from julz68
    I would think "eggplant purple" would be the most dude like
    Aubergine, please! That's French for eggplant. Sounds MUCH more masculine, don't you think?
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    Sounds like a Lake Charles, La. casino.
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