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  1. by   cozmostreak
    For someone who carries spectralink phones and a host of nursing tools, Dickies 7 pocket pant is by far my favorite. They fit good too.
  2. by   Blackheartednurse
    I like Grey's anatomy scrubs
  3. by   whitedoginwi
    I like Cherokee bottoms. I am tall so I am able to find the tall plus size pants through them I also love the pockets on the pants legs. I have extra Large hands and must carry a stash of gloves in my poccket because the rooms don't have them.
    Foe tops I like Peaches. Nice styles, great colors and they hold up to washing. They have two pockets in the front which is great.
  4. by   josh1974
    Landau cargo pants and Landua unisex shirt. just wish they were a bit cheaper!
  5. by   caliotter3
    I have to find something different now. I had been going with the buttersoft brand from uniform advantage, but the pants pockets are too shallow. My keys have fallen out of my pockets more than once. I don't see changing a habit of using the pant pockets just because they make them non-functional. Too bad, because I like the material and the price.
  6. by   LuvatravelRN
    I absolutely heart KOI scrubs...they are pricey, but worth it in my opinion
  7. by   Argo
    I like the free kind. I just go to work in whatever I feel like wearing and change into whats provided.... works for me.
  8. by   kelsey.kristine
    I am seriously lusting after Grey's Anatomy scrubs. So sooooft! :redpinkhe
  9. by   Iamsignal3
    Dickies snadwashed or Koi James both are soft and fit 6' guys pretty well not too much else out there that doesn't have tassels and kitties sewed or printed all over them.
  10. by   lil pixi
    I love Koi scrubs....


    Grey's Anatomy scrubs, and from what I see/hear, many others can't get enough of once they've tried on a pair.

    My concern about scrubs is, what do you do when extra small isn't small enough in some brands.
  11. by   jrbl77
    tafford for tops- have been having great prices lately and they always look nice. I like Landua pants. Fit me well and wear well.
  12. by   meadowsong
    Quote from lil pixi

    My concern about scrubs is, what do you do when extra small isn't small enough in some brands.
    Well, I think some of us would love for this to be the problem
  13. by   gerotina
    Cherokee Workwear are great and you can't beat the price or colors!

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