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kelsey.kristine has 5 years experience as a CNA.

I'm Kelsey and I live in Rhode Island; born and raised. I'm currently a CNA/MHW in a small community hospital, working nights on an acute inpatient psych unit. I'm just about done with my BA in psych and next up will be (fingers crossed) an accelerated BSN program. I've been a CNA for five years; 1 year in med/surg, the other 4 in psych.

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  1. kelsey.kristine

    Any good "nurse" shows on tv? Netflix?

    You're right. People are people. And while I've only worked in psych for four years, I find her behavior to be spot on. It's a good portrayal of addiction, IMO.
  2. kelsey.kristine

    Any good "nurse" shows on tv? Netflix?

    I started watching Night Shift but just couldn't stand it. I think it was the whole, basketball on the roof thing. Getting On....I should probably give a second chance. It just didn't really hit me as a "OMG YES" kind of thing so I found something e...
  3. kelsey.kristine

    Cyclic vomiters (drive me up the wall)

    Yeah....I'm one of those people that has ended up in the ED my fair share of times for this. I'm not a pot smoker, and I do what I can to identify triggers and avoid the ED at all costs. I don't know if I have CVS as I'm waiting to see a new GI doc b...
  4. kelsey.kristine

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    My grandmother was a school nurse(school nurse of the year in '91!) And my great grandmothers on both sides were also nurses; I grew up hearing about how rewarding it was, etc.etc. I always insisted I would never be a nurse because I "hated blood"(no...
  5. kelsey.kristine

    ER stories

    I read "Something for the Pain" by Paul was really really good, I highly recommend it. In fact, I'm going to read it again. :)
  6. kelsey.kristine

    Who excited about the new semester

    I am SO excited to get back to school!!! I'm tired of the pre-reqs, but at least I'll be one semester closer, right? I get soooooo bored in the summer, it's terrible. That plus all the nurses at work asking when I'm going to be in nursing school.......
  7. kelsey.kristine

    Where should a new CNA start working?

    I highly suggest a hospital setting. I got my CNA and it took me a little bit to get hired at a hospital, but that was my goal so I held out for a job there haha I'm SO glad I got it....I've learned so much just from working, it's really helped with ...
  8. kelsey.kristine

    What did you wear to your CNA interview?

    I wore a nice, black dress(hard to describe. It's from H&M, and I bought with my boyfriend at the time, an engineer, specifically for interviews haha) with nylons and small heels.
  9. kelsey.kristine

    Rn recieves notice to renew her cna license

    I'm not sure about the laws in RI about working as a CNA, but I do know that if you don't order to get the license back you have to take the class all over again, and the test. Might as well, if you'd legally be able to work as a CNA desp...
  10. kelsey.kristine

    What you'd REALLY like to say....

    To room 22..... Unless you TELL me what you want after you ring the nurse call....I DON'T KNOW. And letting me stand there and just staring at me? NOT DOING ANYTHING. And to the new grad nurses who are orienting.....seriously. It's a call light. Answ...
  11. kelsey.kristine

    Telemetry/med surg. nursing assistants out there?

    I do the vitals....if a BP is high or low, then I re-check with a manual though sometimes the nurse will do that. Depends. On my floor nurses VERY rarely do the vitals themselves. I oriented for a couple weeks, but honestly felt SO comfortable before...
  12. kelsey.kristine

    What do you do on your break?

    Jump in my car and drive for 10-20 minutes....sometimes stop at 7-11 if I didn't bring something to eat. Mostly just do a lap around the town, windows down, music blaring....I usually take my break at around 3:30-4 yeah haha Only been pulle...
  13. kelsey.kristine

    Telemetry/med surg. nursing assistants out there?

    I was under the impression that yes, most, if not all hospitals offered shift differentials, but then again, don't quote me on that haha I'm part time as well, rotating weekends and holidays. I get shift differential for all my shifts(since they're ...
  14. kelsey.kristine

    Telemetry/med surg. nursing assistants out there?

    Congrats! When I got the call from the hospital where I work, I literally hung up and screamed haha. I told the HR woman that she made my month :) My floor isn't specifically tele but we do have a few patients that are tele....the floor up from us is...
  15. I see no reason to delete mine. My supervisor at the hospital is even my friend! As are some of my coworkers, all RN's(one other CNA). My dad's a politician, so I'm already cautious as to what I write and post, but I'm mature and able to make good de...