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I buy all my scrubs online and just thought I would share my experiences in case it helps anyone else out there. I am plus sized and wear different sizes in each brand so when first ordering a new brand of scrub sometimes I have... Read More

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    Well I am at it again! I was wondering if anyone had any recent online scrub shopping experience to share?

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    Just want to update. Tafford is no longer a favorite. I think they changed hands or something, their service and shipping has gone way downhill. My last 2 orders have been frustrating. Very slow shipping ( ordered 12/24 and nothing has arrived yet) and no communication about back ordered items or shipping delays. Disappointed. Uniform Advantage still has been great. I have also been using Amazon.
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    My experience with Tafford ended up being miserable. After a month I FINALLY got through to someone on the phone who apologized and said my order should ship out sometime later in the week.'s already been a month, and the best you can offer is vagueness? It STILL didn't end up shipping that week and the order ended up just getting canceled. I received a refund but it was a terrible experience. Like, I've never had such a frustrating and negative experience with online ordering quite like this.
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    It is a new thing I used to Order from them often, they have been awful for my last 2 orders. The shipments came from a different address as well and said chief supply or something. Not ordering from them again.
  5. 0 has the best price on the stethoscope I want... But, as far as scrubs and shoes and all go, I'm playing a waiting game as I don't start nursing school until the fall and I think I have to use their companies. But, thanks for a great thread! It's a great idea!
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    I order from Uniform Advantage a lot. I wish they had better shipping rates!
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    Allheart I had a similar experience where the item was in stock. Then it was "delayed" due to a snow storm. Okay. Then the item was back ordered. However, I found out that by checking the order status on the website. No email telling me of the status change. It took them about 1 month to send the items. Oh, and the entire time the items were still listed as "in stock" on the shopping part.

    Aviator Scrubs took less time to ship the scrubs. The teal is too dark though for my facility.
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    I've had great service from Koi Warehouse...and sometimes they will sell tops or pants on close out for just under $10.

    Scrub Warehouse has been good as well.

    I usually go to Life Uniform in my area to try on items to get the sizing right before ordering online.
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    I usually order from Lydia's. Shipping isn't bad, free over 50. Excellent customer service. If Scrubs n Beyond has a clearance item in my size & their long sleeve ts are on sale I'll try to run up 125 for free shipping otherwise I hate Smart post & their rates. Returns to SnB are slow & pricey. Had to do 1 exchange with Lydia's and it was fine.
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    I've been buying scrubs online for about 10 years now, Lydia's Uniforms and Scrubs and Beyond are the best in my opinion!

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