Littman Coupon Code!!

  1. I'm starting NS in September and have started shopping for my stethoscope. I've done lots of research and someone recommended the website on another allnurses thread.

    They definitely have the cheapest prices I've seen online...and they'll laser engrave your stethoscope for FREE! (Most other sites charge $14ish dollars for that!)

    PLUS!! I found this coupon code for 5% off any Littman Stethoscope purchase until September.

    It's not much...but, hey, when we're having to shell out the BIG bucks for all our back-to-school gear, any little bit helps!

    The (very appropriate) coupon code is: backtoschool
    There's a place to enter it on the order page.

    Just thought I'd pass it on.
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  3. by   OneDayAttaTime
    Man...I just ordered mine yesterday...and paid $14 to have it engraved!
  4. by   Trina0606
    Thanks so much! I ordered a Littmann Classic II S.E. from that website today! 5% didn't turn out to be much but hey its something!
  5. by   caseofthemondays
    Worked for me! Free engraving of my name and the additional 5% off for a Cardiology III. Thanks!
  6. by   4lotus8
    Thank you sooooo much! I start NS in this fall as well, and my blue engraved Littman Classic II SE is on its way~!! Thanks again!
  7. by   mkach
    Thanks so much!!! I got my cardio and a few other supplies that were cheaper than anywhere else I had seen. The shipping wasn't bad and the coupon code took off almost the cost of shipping for me.
  8. by   risa80
    Thanks for the code. I just needed binaurals and got a few more things...any amount of savings
  9. by   aprilncampbell
    Thanks this website had what I needed cheaper than anywhere else. Plus the 5%!
  10. by   misswitz
    I also found to be very cheap! Have to pay for engraving but the scope is cheaper and shipping is also cheaper!
  11. by   cali_arlie
    Thanks for the code and the heads up for medisave- I just looked at the steeles site as misswitz said to go there. I'm confused- the classic 2 se is over $90 at steeles (they charge $14 for engraving and their shipping is more expensive!) but the same thing is only $72 at medisave- with the coupon code (thanks again!) and free engraving . I'm starting in September and all the money saving hints are welcome! I'm just confused as to why someone would say go someplace that charges $20 more for the same thing...? Am I missing something?
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  12. by   misswitz
    Ignore my previous post

    Sorry guys were having a sale and now they are more expensive Medisave is alot cheaper now!! Thanks for bringing that up so I could post again before someone got ripped by!!
  13. by   choc0late
    Thank you, I just ordered my Littman Select 2 in raspberry! Plus I grabbed a cute blood pressure kit in pink from allheart. I was debating on a littman or an ADC, but thought the Littman would be better, I hope!
  14. by   misswitz
    I work with someone who has an ADC and they are constantly borrowing other peoples scopes so I think you made a good choice. I got my littman the other day! I decided to get the master classic II and I love it I have just listened to my heartbeat and my dogs but it sounds like nothing I have ever heard in a stethoscope before it is so loud and right there! Good luck!!