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  1. caseofthemondays

    UW or WSU RN-BSN?

    I am very happy with the instructors and the program itself. Very solid overall. UW is ranked top in the nation and it shows. Everything in the learning labs is new and modern, the instructors are top in their field, and most importantly they want you to learn. No one is left behind, so to speak. They do all they can to ensure you succeed. You just have to work hard and take it seriously just like anywhere else. The only possible negative is the UW is so huge and it's easy to get lost in the crowd. It's important to seek help early if you are having trouble in a class and really advocate for yourself. But I would highly recommend the program to anyone! :)
  2. caseofthemondays

    UW or WSU RN-BSN?

    Yes, I'm a current UW student. It's true, there's no GUARANTEE you will be scheduled for UWMC or Harborview for your clinicals, but they are included in the list of hospitals for clinicals. You just get assigned to a hospital for clinicals. UW students are present at literally all of the area hospitals for clinicals (Swedish, UW, Overlake, Evergreen, etc...). Are you applying for next year? Good luck!
  3. caseofthemondays

    UW or WSU RN-BSN?

    That is not true that UW doesn't schedule their nursing students for UWMC or Harborview for clinical experience. They do. With the BSN program, in particular, it's random where students end up going for their clinical, but those two medical centers are possibilities.
  4. caseofthemondays

    How do you wear your hair for clinicals?

    Get your hair cut or wear in a ponytail or bun. Seriously, you're going to be so tired each morning the last thing you will care about is how to do your hair each morning. And no one else will care either or notice.
  5. caseofthemondays

    Do whiners make it through nursing school?

    I can't believe the immaturity and laziness of some people in college. Nursing is no exception. It really drives me crazy. You would think some classes are full of 8th graders. Nurses are supposed to be professional and advocate for patients and their safety, rights, health promotion, etc. How can someone be a patient advocate when they can't even advocate for themselves by being resonsible and making sure they succeed in school, and life for that matter? I love how there are always "those girls" who complain endlessly about "how hard" the class is and it's "so unfair" that there's a quiz each week, paper to write, etc. And the prof is "such a jerk" for grading fairly. OMG. Spare me. Stop wasting your time, the prof's time, and most importantly, MY TIME.
  6. caseofthemondays

    Littman Coupon Code!!

    Worked for me! Free engraving of my name and the additional 5% off for a Cardiology III. Thanks!
  7. caseofthemondays

    respected schools - RN programs better than others

    The University of Washington in Seattle is #1 in the nation, but employers aren't as concerned with where you went to school. Just get the education.
  8. caseofthemondays

    Swedish ED - What color scrubs???

    Why don't you stop by the hospital and take a look at what everyone is wearing....
  9. caseofthemondays

    Washington State starting pay for LPN/LVN's in the seattle area

    Hope you like LTC becuase that's all there is for LPNs around here. Starting wage around $15-16/hr with minimal and/or very expensive healthcare benefits. You'll like Seattle. It's a great city!
  10. caseofthemondays

    Salem Hospital CNA grads vs Chemeketa (CCC)

    Hate to break it to you...but a CNA is a CNA
  11. caseofthemondays

    LPN moving to Seattle need info / advice

    At the LTC I work at LPNs make around $19/hr. We do not offer a differential except night shift ($2.00/hr extra). Hospitals will hardly look at LPNs, I'm afraid. Especially a new grad.
  12. caseofthemondays

    Benefits of LPN over RN?

    J_Angel, Where are you planning on going to school? I would listen to your friends and others who say forget the LPN. LPNs are being fased out. Also, a lot of LPN to RN nursing programs are being fased out. An LPN is a dead end unless you don't mind working LTC. In my experience, LTC is not laid back and easy. None of them are. You are responsible for upwards of 30 residents, lucky if you have a med aide or any decent CNAs to assist. LTCs are run on the cheap and you are lucky if you have enough supplies to do your job. It's hotter than heck in the summer (I've never been in one with A/C in the summer). Often, the bottom of the barrell CNAs work in LTC and so do a lot of nurses who can't find employment anywhere else. Getting a BSN is no longer time-wise than an ADN. It's still two years, except you take the nursing classes at a university (a real college experience) instead of a community college. And usually LPN classes are held at technical colleges or some community colleges offer the LPN as the first year of the ADN degree. There is a reason LPN programs are not competitive to get into and have cake prerequisites. Just my