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OneDayAttaTime has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. Same boat here. Graduated with my BSN December 2011 and have been working in peds oncology since I passed my boards. Want to go back for my masters but have no interest in NP. Was thinking maybe a pediatric CNS with a focus in onco but am just afraid...
  2. New Graduate RN's at CHOP

    Do you remember the interviewers' name? If so, DM me I can probably get the info for you. I work at CHOP...was hired as a new grad ;-)
  3. CHOP Pipeline Interview Days

    GO! Yes CHOP is magnet and yes they prefer BSNs but they also knew that you were an ADN candidate from your resume/profile--and that didn't stop them from inviting you!! CHOP gets a gillion applications every day and some people never get to set foot...
  4. HESI Exit exam. It's not even my time to take it and I'm so scared!

    I took the HESI exit exam this past Tuesday. I think the hardest part of it is that it's's 160 questions--by about 80 I was starting to get crosseyed. The questions are sorta random, and a lot of the diseases/disorders we hadn't covered unt...
  5. Five more weeks left in last semester....

    15 more days (and only 5 more days of class). Can't believe when I first started counting it was 706 days...
  6. CHOP Pipeline Interview Days

    The six month full time/temp positions seems to be what CHOP is moving to as far as new grads now. Few units here hire new grads anyway (though the NICU is one of them) and I guess this is at least a way for you to get some experience as many manager...
  7. Are there any evening weekend BSN programs in the philly area?

    Not that I've ever seen/heard of--they're usually dayshift 7a-330p or 7a-7p depending on what rotation it is.
  8. I had a 4.0 GPA going in (CCP) and due to a computer glitch, my groups scores were never calculated so I don't know what I got on the NLN (the whole system went down or something and we didn't even get to finish the exam). I say apply anyway--no one ...
  9. CCP nursing program-evening?

    I would have to agree with chuckster--I work at a Philadelphia hospital now and with this area being so saturated with nursing schools anyway, employers can have their pick of the litter. They're all after (or trying to maintain) magnet status as wel...
  10. Winter Grad - When to apply? Also, licensing Q.

    Hey there, I am in a similar boat--I am a December 2011/January 2012 grad--BUT, I already live here in Philly. I also already work in a hospital here. With that said, I've gotten mixed signals as to when to actually apply. One of the charge nurses on...
  11. CCP nursing program-evening?

    CCP is a day nursing program--their latest nursing class is like 3-5pm. Though they do say that due to site availability your clinical may be on an evening and/or weekend--that is not the norm. I took my prereqs at CCP but am now in the evening/weeke...
  12. La Salle ACHIEVE program acceptance!

    Once you're in the nursing program at La Salle you need a 75 to pass--74 and below is failing. And yes, I think their minimum GPA is a 3.0 for admission. Apply, I say. If you're concerned about the GPA piece (and they look at more that just your GPA...
  13. LaSalle University Achieve Program

    Clinicals probably start around the second week(end) of September. You guys will be in the lab for the first few clinicals to do check-offs before you actually go to your site, but you still need to wear the full uniform for lab.
  14. LaSalle University Achieve Program

    The pants are like sandpaper lol. That sucks that they won't sell you the patch. I can ask around but like I said, no one wears that thing (labcoat) anymore so I'm not sure who still has theirs handy (mine is long gone). And next week is our last wee...
  15. LaSalle University Achieve Program

    Hi there, Supposedly, it is mandatory to use the vendor. Depending on how scrutinizing your clinical instructor is, they will send you home for being out of uniform (if they can even tell)--and then you'll have to make up a clinical. But eventually (...