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    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!
    We should all nurse naked.
    If we do this one then we'll have to put the fluffier, and downright fat nurses into the IC policy, because all those cracks and crevices harbor bacteria! JUST Sayin' (and I can actually say this one cause I'm really fat) Then we'll have to fire all the fat nurses (same principle for not allowing stethoscope covers), So I'm for a resounding NO! Plus I give me nightmares!
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    I think as nurses we should be looking professional and simple. I personally find those jeweled ID holders to be extremely tacky and unprofessional looking. It just projects an image of the wearer that may not necessarily be true. I dont find the "We can cure it!" one to be appropriate because in reality, we can't cure a lot of things. But im not the one wearing it. I think its best to try to remain as neutral as possible...I do like bright floral scrubs and patterns but I think there is a line.
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