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    Quote from ALavallee
    This is completely off-topic but the original cameo reminded me of it.

    Where I work the staff is allowed to "dress-up" for Halloween. I always thought it would be funny to dress as the grim reaper.
    Lmbo, walk in and tell them your here to give them their discharge instructions and you'll show them the way out. Bahahaha!!! Love it.
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    Quote from ImKosher
    for pointing out the obvious.
    As I said.....I was hoping no one was actually that dumb
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    Quote from Sweet_Wild_Rose
    You should really also check your facility's dress code, as this might be addressed there. Mine does- no badge holders that have any kind of logo, be it a drug company or Disney. It also just makes good sense that it would be something easy to clean with no small bits that can fall off and contaminate anything.
    Agree. Check out not only the facilities policy but the school's as well.

    I have also seen a post for stethoscope jewelry. Not a good idea. Someone had mentioned about the jewels falling off as well as it hitting up against the stethescope while trying to listen to BP's or HR's giving false readings. Agree there.

    We had a girl who had a stethescope cloth cover and was told to remove it for infection control.

    While I love all things pretty as well, we have to keep in mind pt infection control and safety.
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    Quote from kayruhh
    Personally, I like it

    I like it - but i like things like that - idk if the patients will appreciate it though.
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    On these types of questions I always defer to what the general consensus is for professional presentation as well as a gold standard for infection control while at work.

    I don't care what the badge clip depicts as long as it is a professional image, which is the same standard I hold for scrubs: if the design looks like it belongs on a six-year-old girl's lunchbox, it shouldn't be on your body.

    And for infection control, I personally disapprove of anything that can't be wiped off with alcohol. I have been too-often surprised at what showed on the etoh wet-wipe when I thought there was NOTHING there to believe I'd ever want to wear something that COULDN'T be disinfected routinely. But I'm a bit OCD in that department compared to many, I suppose....otoh, because of that "flaw" I seriously doubt I'm the cause of the rampant hospital infections we so often speak of.
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    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!
    We should all nurse naked.
    If we do this one then we'll have to put the fluffier, and downright fat nurses into the IC policy, because all those cracks and crevices harbor bacteria! JUST Sayin' (and I can actually say this one cause I'm really fat) Then we'll have to fire all the fat nurses (same principle for not allowing stethoscope covers), So I'm for a resounding NO! Plus I give me nightmares!
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    I think as nurses we should be looking professional and simple. I personally find those jeweled ID holders to be extremely tacky and unprofessional looking. It just projects an image of the wearer that may not necessarily be true. I dont find the "We can cure it!" one to be appropriate because in reality, we can't cure a lot of things. But im not the one wearing it. I think its best to try to remain as neutral as possible...I do like bright floral scrubs and patterns but I think there is a line.