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    To each their own. But keep in mind the effects on the patient. It might scare some patients, but totally make others more comfortable. Then again, the attitudes of nurses is more of an effect than any badge holder. If I was in the hospital and had a nurse with the "scary" badge holder but she was sweet as could be, I'd be totally fine!

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    I know you already said you didn't buy that first one. I love it, but I definitely wouldn't wear it at work myself. We send lots of patients to open heart surgery from my floor and I wouldn't want them to see that as I'm wheeling them off to life-threatening surgery.

    And I totally get the desire to have something with a bit of your personality reflected on it.

    I have infection control concerns about the fabric covered ones, far more so than the ones with crevices. FWIW, I also get completely wigged out by fabric stethoscope covers. If nursing caps were done away with b/c of infection control (the story I always get- either way I'm glad) then I don't get- at all- why stethoscope covers are still allowed.

    I just went from a plain blue badge reel to a a heart-shaped one from the American Heart Association. Since I am on a cardiac floor, I like it. :~)

    It seems like you found some you like that won't be too disturbing to patients. Yay!
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    Meh... Some people just have too much time on their hands.. I have never even thought to have a "cute" badge holder.. I def. do not get the whole 'juicy" thing.. Who cares? Certainly not your patient.
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    Quote from KelRN215
    How many badge holders do you need? You need ONE and it should be one that's easy to clean.
    Welllllll, you're not the one that gets to decide how many I need. If I wish everyone to know what university I went to and that I am a Steelers fan, or if I just think they are purty, I will be having me two badge reels and changing them whenever I feel like it!

    Oh, and note to those talking about how much they harbor bacteria...I can't recall ever cleaning the actual badge reel. Sorry if that's gross. But this goes right up there in my book with wearing scrubs to a store after work. Those germs really aren't much more exciting than the germs that are on my shopping cart handle from the last crumb muncher that put their mouth all over it while sitting in the cart.

    As for the fabric ones, if I had one I'd wear it until it became soiled or I felt like it had enough germs on it, then get another one. I can't believe anyone would attempt to dictate a BADGE REEL. They don't how many times a nurse wore their SCRUBS before washing them, do they? Is there a policy on that? Yes, it's common sense and just plain disgusting, but somewhere there is a staff member who doesn't wash their scrubs on every wearing. Is there a policy to come to work in freshly laundered scrubs? If they're not dictating the clothing that covers my entire body, I don't see a 1.5 inch in diameter badge reel as a huge threat to public safety.
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    Quote from sapphire18
    The "choose juicy" one is also definitely a no-go...most places don't allow brand names on employee clothing.
    Except Cherokee, Dickies, Barco, Grey's Anatomy.....
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    I don't think it is appropriate for a nurse.
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    I've been looking on etsy for a few minutes now. I want the one that says "gutsy." I work on a GI floor.
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    Quote from PrimaFacie

    But aren't you missing the point?
    How is it displaying your own personality when you wear the logo/art of some company?
    All you are doing is advertising for that company.
    There is no individuality displayed in this action....on the contrary, it is a sheep mentality that wears logos.
    So, rather than having a sheep's mentality, we should think freely and...follow your rules for self-expression? Brilliant.

    All I can say is I am SO grateful to have been taught from a young age to appreciate the differences in people and live and let live. OP has gotten some good thoughts about infection control issues that are between her, her school, and her clinical site. Other than that, thank goodness for personal freedom! I, personally, would lose my head if it wasn't attached, and will probably have a plethora of badge holders. They might even be PATTERNED! ::gasp::
    Anonymous posters are welcome to take that information and make as many judgements and assumptions as they'd like - I cannot emphasize enough how little it matters.
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    The Rosie the riveter badge I picked out that says we can cure it and is in pink is referencing to breast cancer, hygiene queen.
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    Morose is an understandment for the original badge clip posted.
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