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Holder vs. Neck Draping for Littmann Cardio III?

  1. 1 I got a Cardio III for my upcoming semester, and I wanted to know if anyone else on here, preferably with the same model, used a clip or holder rather than neck draping (with or without a sleeve).

    From what I've gathered, wearing a steth around your neck can: get in the way, be cumbersome, act as a bacterial breeding ground, and/or stiffen the tubing - just to name a few.

    Since the clips seem to be relatively cheap ($5, give or take), I figured it couldn't hurt to buy one beforehand, but I've read that the standard issue hip clip might not fit the Cardio model.

    Does anyone store this model stethoscope in a holder rather than around your neck, and if so, can you pass along the brand/model information? I would definitely be grateful for any and all feedback.

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    I have the same stethoscope and I used to use a holder I bought on Amazon. It's called a Batclip. It's expensive but it looked really nice and easy to take out. Only reason I stopped using it is because I've lost a few pounds so the weight of the clip + stethoscope were making my pants fall down.
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    Thank you! I'm definitely going to look into the Batclip; just the name sounds interesting. I'm intrigued!
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    Moved to Nursing Scrubs / Uniforms / Gear for more response.
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    I bought a Batclip to use with my Littman classic II SE. I haven't used it yet because I just started classes. I liked the concept of it and that it is well made.
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    I use a batclip on my hip for my littman master classic II and it's good, I always have the problem with my scrub pants falling down... XXS petites are even too big!
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    Put it in your pocket?
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    It probably will make it mess up but I keep my cardio III around my neck. I wipe it with alcohol swabs frequently. Never hang it in my car. I own a fabric cover that someone got me and it's cute, but not clean. It's in a drawer somewhere now. Of course iso patients have their own steth. Also, I got mine engraved before stepping into the hospital. That's a lot of money to grow legs and run away.
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    I keep mine in my scrub coat pocket. If not wearing scrub coat, in scrub top pocket, but usually wear the coat. dont have to leave it anywhere, and it is not hanging.
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    I just drape it around my neck or put it in my pocket. I wipe it down at the end of each shift.
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    My steth lives in one of my cargo pant pockets, or scrub top pocket.
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    For those who have the Batclip where did you purchase it? I would LOVE to have one but can't find places to buy it.
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    I bought mine on Amazon.com

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