Grey's Anatomy? Scrubs too?

  1. Hello All,

    I was just curious, how many of you like Greys Anatomy? Do you wear their scrubs? I understand that most dislike their inaccuracy but I do actually love the show. I was just curious if you like the show despite its flaws. I personally love the show for its characters. I am getting a tank-top/muscle shirt that says "Its a great day to save lives" I absolutely love that slogan. What are your thoughts.
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  3. by   casi
    Greys Anatomy makes me giggle so I do watch it on occasion.

    As for their scrubs I know a lot of nurses and nursing assistants that wear them. I guess they are a very comfortable line of scrubs.
  4. by   TeleMeMore
    i used to watch the show but stopped, i liked it when i watched it. obviously its inaccurate there is no sense in even complaining about that. but the scrubs are awesome, very comfy, good material, dont shrink all crazy and just well fitting. but $$$$ (as compared to others - just look for sales).
  5. by   LouisVRN
    I've only seen one show, the one where a disgruntled patient family member brought a gun to the hospital. I do however love their scrubs.
  6. by   ebear
    Dislike show. LOVE the scrubs!
  7. by   nursgirl
    LOVE the show!!!!!! and yes, it is inaccurate but if they made a tv show that was an accurate portrayal of a 12 hour shift no one would watch it. LOL never tried the scrubs...
  8. by   noyesno
    Love the scrubs. So soft, so good.
  9. by   caroladybelle
    Don't like the show, and cannot wear the scrubs.

    (they are sized for someone "less curvy" than I am)
  10. by   CT Pixie
    Love the show, hate the scrubs (well, hate them ON them on others). I'm kind of in between sizes they offer. I'm too "curvy" (not built like a pre-pubescent boy) for one size which makes them, for my taste, way too snug. They fit, but too well for me. The next size up makes me look like an oompa loopa from the Wizard of Oz.

    But I absolutely love how soft they are.
  11. by   RNperdiem
    I never watched the show, but Grey's Anatomy is one line of scrubs that comes in really small sizes that fit really small people.
  12. by   PlourdieRN
    I picked up a pair of pants because they're so soft... but they don't feel "workable" to me, too much like pajamas so I might return them... plus they're pink, and I don't think I am actually a pink pants wearer (maybe after a few years of nursing)
  13. by   Sugar-Phosphate
    I just bought a set of scrubs today, and I find them so comfortable. I have to admit I love scrubs for the PJ feel haha. I was however surprised about the material they were made of. I am so used to the poly-cotton blend and to see a poly-rayon blend was very surprising.
    The uniform shop where I bought them have very good prices, and the variety of scrubs they have are amazing.
    Overall though, I am in love with my scrubs.
  14. by   Motivated grandma
    Just an fyi.

    Barco makes both the Gray's Anatomy scrubs and the NrG scrubs and they can be mixed and matched, but the NrG scrubs have 4% spandex in the blend, which makes them fit and move beautifully.