Danskos...wet insoles?

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    First of all, I do realize this is an "equipment" item, but I am wanting as much feedback as possible and thus the reasoning for posting here first.

    I gave in and took the plunge purchasing a pair of Dansko clogs, the new "XP" model (read: slightly more padding) less than 2 months ago. I like the support and am thankful that my legs and back aren't killing me like my running shoes did.

    The problem...I find that I am sweating so much with them where my insoles are remaining wet for 2 days after wearing them. I am only wearing them while at work, so time in them is not the concern. I also am not wearing any 100% cotton socks, but wear a poly/spandex blend. I have never had SFS "sweaty feet syndrome" before, and have worn another all leather clog shoe before without this problem. The moisture is so much where I can already see the leather breaking down inside the shoe.

    Already have taken to the store where I purchased these and was told that this was a "normal issue with all leather shoes". I know this is not correct as I have discussed this with other Dansko-only wearers. So, has anyone else had the same issue and if so, what did you do to resolve this? Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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    I love and wear Danskos and have never had sweaty feet in them.
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    My feet definitely sweat and smell more in the Danskos. They just don't breathe well. Switch to 100% cotton socks for sure. You can also try baby powder on your bare feet prior to socking up.
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    i live in my danskos and typically don't have any issues with sweatiness. Granted, mine don't have an XP insole. Try the cotton socks, that may work better and stuff some crumpled up news paper in the shoes when you aren't wearing them - it is possible that they just haven't gotten a good chance to dry out after a hard wearing
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    I like the wicking socks they sell for runners. They are thin and effective. But I haven't had the problem you describe. All my shoes are the older style.
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    I taught cold-weather camping for a long time. What's that got to do with it? Well, if you have wet feet out in the cold you're in for a lot of trouble. So... I taught people how to prevent their feet from sweating. Even if they aren't what you consider "sweaty" normally you can still make them dry.

    Buy some spray-on antiperspirant. Not deodorant, ANTIPERSPIRANT. Spray your feet after showering every night before you go to bed for a week, then three days a week after that. Your feet will be dry and the Danskos (or any other shoes) won't get damp.

    My kid went to a military school where they had to wear patent leather shoes, and those REALLY don't breathe. He has normally sweaty feet and they were just rotting in there until I reminded him about this trick (which he had used religiously for cold-weather camping). Problem solved.

    (Also-- totally AVOID cotton socks. Cotton stays moist when you sweat, and you want to keep your feet dry. If you wear socks, get the light polypro sock liners. A great choice that's easy to find is your basic men's nylon dress socks, Gold Toe or equivalent. Wear light woolen sox over those and your feet will never be damp.)
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    I would recommend wearing cotton socks and possibly put baby powder, corn starch or dr. scholls medicated powder on your feet. The powder really does a great job in absorbing excess moisture.
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    Thanks GrnTea for the words if wisdom.! I did the newspaper thing and the shoes have dried well. Will have to try the antiperspirant though!
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    I have 3 pairs of Dansko, and I alternate them. I've never noticed any wet insoles or anything of that nature. Maybe you just need a second pair so you can rotate.
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    I thought that alternating would be a way to go, but their new clog model (XP) is exclusive to The Walking Store and at $180/pr, I may wait to get a cheaper version. I have not worn them for 3 days now and they have been packed with newspaper and letting air dry over night. They are still MOIST...ugh. Just sent a message to Dansko, so hopefully will hear something back the beginning of next week.

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