Is this badge holder too morose?

  1. Is this badge holder too morose? - Image ID: 11137
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    Personally, I like it

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    I don't think it will be good with patients. Might give them nightmares.
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    Eeeeewww! That's scary.
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    Okaaaaaay... maybe if you were working at Goth Hospital...

    Otherwise, no.
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    As a patient, I would feel uncomfortable with my nurse having something like that as a badge holder and would probably wonder about the type of care I was going to recieve.
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    I've seen a lot of variations on this in earrings, rings, pendants, broaches (that my friends own), and you should too if you like the design. Get one of those for off duty, or heck, wear the badge reel around your house if you like! (I easily could have worn something like that at my pharmaceutical research job, but it just doesn't seem appropriate for a medical setting where people are often faced with the reality of human mortality.)
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    I would not recommend wearing this while doing patient care.
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    Hah! I cannot get behind that one, sorry.
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    Well yes if you are working in the morgue it would be nice but no I don't think people that are sick and possibly dying want to see that, sorry
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    This is one of the ones I ordered from! LOVE it! It makes me happy! I hope it makes the patients in come in contact with during clinicals equally as happy!

    There are A LOT of cute ones with crystals that I like, but MAN would I be in some bad shape if one of those crystals or jewels fell off onto my patient! lol I'll wait until AFTER clinicals to get the "bling-bling" badge holder!
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