Listing license on resume

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    I know I shouldn't list my license number on my resume, but how to I display that I do have my state license. I'm not talking about where to list it, but more the wording to use to list it.
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    Under the "Licences and Certifications" section of your resume. After job history and education.
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    As I said. I know where it should be listed. I need to know how to word it. (Ex. RN State Board License)
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    I list my number. What is the rationale behind not listing it?
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    I just write:

    RN (State of XX)
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    Same here--I list my license number. I would like to know the rationale behind not listing it, as well.
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    I have been told that putting the license # on your resume gives someone the opportunity to use it. Identity theft.

    Thank you klone.
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    I've always listed my license number(s) on my CV. They're public record anyway -- why not??

    For the OP, I list them by the original date issued ("1984 - current," on the left margin, same format as I use to list everything else on my CV) and "License to practice as Registered Nurse in the state of (Ohio, Connecticut, whatever), #123456"
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    That's what I always thought too, but my instructors have told us not to do it. I put it on applications.
    Thank you
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    To OP - I believe professional licenses are all listed on the Web. With other information, too. So that 'identity theft' rationale doesn't really hold too much.
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