Med error

  1. I keep finding med errors done by another Lpn. Today she marked off that she gave a narcotic but it was still in drawer. WAS I WRONG BRINGING THIS TO MY SUPERVISORS ATTENTION? this is not the first time she marks that she has given meds but did not. She also marks treatments done when they are not?
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  3. by   Okmyturn
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  4. by   brownbook
    It seems like a no brainer that you did the right thing. Do you feel badly for reporting her? Did someone tell you you shouldn't have told your supervisor?
  5. by   TriciaJ
    When we were children, we were taught that it wasn't nice to tattle. People grow up and still don't learn the difference between tattling and reporting. Tattling is when you relay some trivial information for the shear pleasure of causing a problem for someone else.

    You are a nurse now. You are expected to advocate for your patients. So put yourself in their shoes. Would you want it documented that you received a narcotic or treatment that you hadn't received? You are aware that this is happening. To not report makes you complicit. Yes, you absolutely did the right thing by reporting a pattern of behaviours that you have observed. Don't let anyone keep you from doing the right thing.
  6. by   sallyrnrrt
    Absolutely you did the right thing
  7. by   Neats
    I would ask the patient if they received the medication...maybe the patient refused and the LPN just forgot to sign in the MAR patient refused...I would also let my direct supervisor know what happened too. I would document and follow proper protocol. You are not telling on anyone all you are doing is accounting for medication. No one can fault you for that.
  8. by   Dayanadennis
    Really what she did was not correct .but as a nurse we should be aware of med errors .It happens for every one sometime because of stress we may forget to give medicines and may give wrong medicines .But should be corrected then and there .There is no point in complaining against our colleagues instead we should correct them and tell them politely.i know nursing is not so easy a nurse I have come across all this situations .As we r in healthcare we should be very careful while administering medicines .
  9. by   inthecosmos
    Errors need to be reported to increase patient safety, identify root causes, and prevent future errors. Did the right thing.