What is the best RN to BSN online school?

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    what is the best rn to bsn online school? also, which ones do not require clinicals? i am a disabled nurse and cannot do clinicals. i was going to a non-online rn to bsn program but had to quit because i had back surgery. are there any programs that you do not recommend? i don't have many credits left to go (i got most of the base curriculum out of the way i.e. english, math, etc).

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    they say Chamberlain does not require clinicals.
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    I searched google "RN-BSN program w/o clinicals" and this university showed up.
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    Very few RN to BSN schools require clinicals. The assumption is that you've done that. www.excelsior.edu, and SUNY online nursing programs.
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    Florida Hospital College doesnt require any campus visits and its regionally accrediated so you can transfer your credits anywhere.
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    Chamberlain online program does not require clinicals but it's $600/credit hr!!!!
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    Try Thomas Edison State College online nursing , it costs half that of Chamberlain
    SUNY might be cheaper
    I dont know the reputations or prerequisites of these institutions and take no responsibility for this info...
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    I went through Indiana State University RN-BSN program. It's top notch. Now I teach there. It's good, quick and cheap. Professors are top notch and are not drama oriented.
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    I did my RN to BSN program at University of Phoenix and they required 90 hours of community health clinicals...however, I was able to do the program quickly and like another poster said, w/o drama.
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    I go to GCU- grand canyon university. It's 410$credit/hr and a different class every 5 weeks. You have a group project every class and papers to do every week. I really like it