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Most of the info that I've found on this forum about UofW is at least a few years old, so I wanted to start a new discussion. I'm in the second (last) year of my ADN program at a "brick and mortar" school in Charleston, SC and... Read More

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    Sorry for all the posts but does anyone know if U of W has a clinical component still? tia for any info

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    Quote from redraccoon
    I think I'm going to try to call UofW this week and get some more info. The tuition is one of the best... but I wonder about various fees.

    Anyone know what their classes are like? Lots of papers, projects, tests... or?

    I'm hoping to settle on a program and start by Fall 2010. I need to get going!
    Did you ever settle on a program?
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    Quote from Faeriewand
    Micky, it's true that U of W is the least expensive. I've been checking out their website for a couple of years now

    Thanks Steven for starting this thread. Maybe we can get some good input from students who are currently in the online program.
    Have you decided on a program yet?
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    Hi I just wanted to answer some of the questions raised on here about the university of Wyoming. I am about 1/2 through the program and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive RN-BSN program. I was really nervous as the communication is not good when you are applying but I think that i have gotten a good education from this program. The only things I have struggled with has been the pharmacology class. The instructor is all over the place and the material seems much harder than was in my RN program (which I guess is to be expected). There is a clinical component to this program. You have to do a certain amount of public health hours locally. You never need to be on campus and I have had classes with nurses from all over the country. Overall I think that this is the best program I have seen for the money. I don't know why anyone would pay so much for UoP when this is so cheap.
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    FYI - SUNY Delhi (state university of New York) also has an online-only RN-BSN. It's more expensive per credit but it doesn't require nearly as many non-nursing credits and isn't strict about what you can/can't take to fill elective credits. I'm going to applying next summer as soon as I pass NCLEX!
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    Tahnks HaikuCatLady. I checked out SUNY Delhi and I really like it.
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    Quote from Antepartumnurse
    The only things I have struggled with has been the pharmacology class. The instructor is all over the place and the material seems much harder than was in my RN program (which I guess is to be expected).
    That is so true! I am in his class right now and its aweful! Other then that I really like the UW program so far. I am in it concurrently with my ADN program at a wyo community college. The nursing instructors are really willing to work with you and so far I really like the nursing classes. My understanding is no campus time, and your clinical is done with a local public health office. I have nurses in my classes that are from all over the US. good luck to all of ya!
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    I was looking into UWy myself. Have you found out anything more about this program? If so I gladly would like to receive an update if you wouldn't mid.
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    I was wondering if some of you might tell me how hard it was to find clinical hours in your area if you are not in Wyoming. Also, how many clinical hours are required?
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    I was just accepted in the BSN completion program. Start in Fall of 2011. I am waiting to receive my course requirement letter in the mail, after June 1. The clinical component is done in last semester at a local community helath care setting or VNA. I will try to complete through my employers VNA or local health dept. You must get your site pre-approved. 1 day a week for 1 semester. There is an explanation on the schools nursing website also. I printed that out and that is how I found out about the requirement. I have a 3 cr hr stats class, but that probably won't count, although I would appeal that. I have heard that the pharm class is hard, so I am completing it first to get it over with. Someone I went to ADN school with has already completed a few classes and we are taking the pharm class together.
    I will update how things are going,

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