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Cardiac ICU, Med/Surg, Ob/Gyn Onc
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anissa specializes in Cardiac ICU, Med/Surg, Ob/Gyn Onc.

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  1. anissa

    Night shift sleep schedule

    I work 7p-7a and if our unit needs it anything in between. When I get home I get straight to bed. Sometimes I sleep until 5pm, sometimes I wake up at 1pm and just can't go back to sleep. I try to rest for 1 hour before I go back to work; unfortunately that doesn't happen as often as I would like. Yesterday morning I got home after 3 nights and actually slept for 18 ours straight. This is my 30th year of night shift...and I know I won't last much longer. Every single shift change to evenings or even days I welcome.
  2. anissa

    The University of Texas at Arlington

    I have applied to this program last year and was accepted to the school, however, for whatever reason that NOBODY there can explain my transcripts were never evaluated nor was I issued a course map. In the meantime I finally received a transcript evaluation but nothing further. The AP partnership advisor is almost impossible to reach; either the phone cuts off in the middle of recording a message or like today, I was on hold for over 1 hour and still have not reached anybody. The department of nursing advisor did reply to one e-mail 2 weeks ago and since then nothing further. Messages left at the department secretary have not been returned; today all I get is a recording that states " please visit the website and thank you for calling the department of nursing. " And then they are astonished that one is frustrated! If this is the way UTA handles things in general I can only say that their service stinks! Incompetence or a "don't -give-a darn" attitude? Your guess is a good as mine!
  3. anissa

    University of Wyoming RN to BSN online pros/cons

    I was looking into UWy myself. Have you found out anything more about this program? If so I gladly would like to receive an update if you wouldn't mid.
  4. anissa

    The University of Texas at Arlington

    you don't have to be in Texas to enter the program. I'm on the east coast and I'm in the AP program
  5. anissa

    What is the dumbest order you ever read?

    obtundant patient and an order for "peanut butter sandwich - STAT" !!!
  6. anissa

    German Nurses anywhere?

    I have a German license and have worked in Germany as a nurse. I also have a US RN license and work in CCU.
  7. anissa

    What's your holiday bonus?

    My christmas bonus just showed up in the mail: a coupon for a free 12 oz. coffee at our hospital cafe. Yippieh!!!
  8. anissa

    Charting Bloopers

    was supposed to read Shift Summary...somehow the f was dropped! Must have been a long day ...
  9. anissa

    Lifting during Pregnancy

    We have several nurses pregnant on our med/surg floor and one of them brought in a note from her OB doc stating she can't lift over 25 pounds. She was flatout told that the lifting requirements are over 50 pounds as stated in the job description. Too bad so sad. Either comply or find another job elsewhere. I gladly pick up the slack as do the other nurses, but it still made me mad. If a tech injures herself on the floor due to repetitive poor lifting habits they get light duty with full pay (workman's comp), but the hospital can not, or rather will not, accommodate a nurse with problems during pregnancy? That stinks!
  10. anissa

    Too Old?

    Got my RN in Germany at the ripe old age of 26, and my RN in the US with 48! Currently persuing MSN/NP; my kids think i'm nuts...I say that's a prerequisite for nursing anyway! Figured I will work until I keel over...so I'm going for it!
  11. anissa

    Where are you from?

    I'm from Germany, currently working in Virginia. Would like to go back to Germany for a while to work, but Great Britain sounds good also
  12. Interested in contact with nurses from Jordan or Palestine. Would like to gather info about education and so on. No, I'm not speaking any arabic as of yet (working on it...find it difficult but will manage...eventually). Thanks for any response.
  13. anissa

    Threats from Management

    We have monthly mandatory meetings scheduled. This year they are on Fridays. The meeting I need to attend is at 3:30 pm. Considering that I work 7p-7a and live 46 miles away from work I can't just attend a meeting and turn around and go back home until it is time for work. The early morning meetings at 7:30 a got cancelled with the excuse that many did not attend (well, if you have kids to get to school that's a bit difficult even for the nurses living 10 minutes away). The threat is that for every meeting missed there will be a deduction on your performance rating on the next evaluation. This is just the last straw for me...I'm looking for another job!
  14. anissa

    how many hours a week do you work????

    36-48 scheduled, up to 60 due to short staffing and being called in extra
  15. anissa

    Working as RN in Europe

    I graduated in 1983 in Germany as an RN and jumped back and forth over the ocean every time my husband got transfered. Every time we were in Germany I could work, over here not a chance. I finally finished my RN here in the states by going through a nursing program all over again. I was thinking about going back to Germany at least for a while due to my mothers declining health. I now need a working permit to work in Germany since I am a US citizen. Have not heard anything back yet. Waiting....
  16. anissa

    Holidays - deciding who works??

    Thanksgiving we work if we were off last year. Christmas and New Years we either work Christmas/New Years Eve or Christmas/New Years Day. Nobody can get both off. It stinks.