University of Wyoming RN to BSN Online

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    Anyone taking this course?

    Anyone finished this course?

    After looking around, I think I can afford to go here, ut would appreciate anything you can offer.



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    I hope to start this spring.
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    I have taken 3 of their nursing courses, pharmacology, and patho. I have been accepted into their RN/BSN Program and hope to complete it by Fall 2006. I researched online RN/BSN Programs for a long time and this was the most affordable one and it also seemed to be the most do-able one. The staff is very helpful.

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    I plan to start this spring too. Nervous and excited. Think I will start with patho and get it out of the way.
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    hi! i am in my first semester with them, taking patho and the intro nursing course. patho has been a challenge timewise, but learning a lot. i also research a ton of schools before making my choice. so i would have to say that i am enjoying it so far, no bumps in the road yet. if u have ques and email them they get back to u pretty quickly. enrolling and registering for classes was pretty painless too. they have this online thing down pat. good luck to u!
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    This is my first semester at UW. It has been a good experience so far. The staff and instructors are very helpful and quick with responding to your questions. I am taking 3 courses at UW this semster: Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Intro to Higher Ed in Nursing. Pharmacology is by far the hardest and most intense course that I am taking. Wishing I had taken it by itself or with one other class. At this point though, I can say I am very satisfied with UW and would recommend them to other potential students. Good luck!!!!!!!
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    How about a URL?
  9. 0 click on academics, then go down the page to colleges or whatever and then find nursing...
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    Hi all!
    I start classes with UW tomorrow. I'm planning on taking 3 semesters to finish an will graduate after Spring 2007. I am taking Pathophysiology, Intro to Higher Education in Nursing, Cultural Diversity in Family Health Care, Health Assessment, and Community Health. Anyone either have any of these courses yet or taking them this semester??
    Elizabeth, RN

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