Rue Education for RN and getting to sit for RN State Boards

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    hi everyone, i am an LPN and I am curious as to if anyone out there has gotten there RN through Rue Education and got to sit for state boards and is now a RN? Thanks

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    I am wondering if you receive any reply from your query re: Rue?
    I already have applied at Excelsior & I am planning to get materilas from either Rue or College Network.

    You have any info to share?

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    Quote from vicko334
    hi everyone, i am an LPN and I am curious as to if anyone out there has gotten there RN through Rue Education and got to sit for state boards and is now a RN? Thanks
    I was under the impression that Rue is just a provider of materials, not an actual program....I know they do alot of advertising with re: to the RN program through Excelsior....but Excelsior themselves do not endorse third party programs. I do believe Rue can supply you with all the recommended books..and study guides,which some people find helpful. I have heard they are terribly expensive...and I think you have to enter into a contractual agreement with them to kind of buy the whole system(at least that's what I heard). I did the program through EC...I did not use anyone's materials...I just used the free study guides through EC...and some of the recommended books they recommended I did not necessarily say a med-surg book...b/c I already had a few and I just crossed referenced them.

    Now with re: to sitting for should check with your state BON to make sure the program you are looking into is approved.

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    Kathryn, thanks so much for the info. Fely
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    I know that there have been some threads here in the past by people who felt they had a bad experience with Rue. You may want to search and review them.
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    I am going through RUE at this time and I know others that have gone through and are now working as RN's. It is alot easier on me grtting my degree this way than going to classes.
    Hope I helped in some way with your question.
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    It is 100% dependent upon the state that you are in, not all except this program for licensure. Please be aware of that.
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    Thread moved to Distance Learning forum since it is not state specific in the op question.
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    RUE is not a nursing program. RUE is simply an overpriced publishing company that sells materials and books through Excelsior College. People can complete their distance nursing program without ever having to go through RUE.

    This is why Excelsior warns of publishing companies such as RUE and the College Network.
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    I agree. I completed Excelsior with no outside help from (workshops, workbooks, study aides, RUE, College Network,etc). I got A's and B's. Exclesior provides all you need and the exam study guides are free (even downloadable). Exclesior also offers extra stuff you can do to study (like join a peer group, Excelsior direct workshops, conferences, practice exams) that cost extra.

    The only thing besides texts that I used in prep for the exams were the Excelsior online Practice tests $75 each, worth much more! So, I say this to let you know it definitely can be done without spending a bunch of extra money. It really bugs me that RUE and College Network and others try to come off as a "program". They are not a school at all. They are an outside supplement to Excelsior College trying to help you yes, but also sell you something you may not be in need of. Be very wary!
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