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  1. anticoagulationurse

    We are looking for home health nursing software

    Our agency uses Cerner RoadNotes and it is terrible! The opposite of user friendly/intuitive. Crashes frequently, etc. Bad, bad juju.
  2. anticoagulationurse

    Dear Lord: Please give me patience....

    I have learned to not ask Him for patience or He will give me a means and a reason to learn it.
  3. anticoagulationurse

    The Money is my motivation

    Emergency Nurse - I don't think your sentiment matches what the OP is trying to suggest and lacks the very sensitivity that you are insisting the OP have. Not all nursing is bedside nursing, and maybe their gifts and interests are elsewhere. He/she is a new nurse and still getting the feel, give them a break! I bet you would not be doing your job for free. We all work for a paycheck, we just hope we are able to find more meaning to it than that alone... which is why we are nurses and I think what the OP may have been expressing.
  4. anticoagulationurse

    Cannot find a job here in Washington!

    Go2WorkSource.com - Search Jobs, Post Rs, Career Resources This covers all of WA (but of course not all jobs are listed here) but many are since it is a free site. Best wishes!
  5. anticoagulationurse

    Necrotizing Fasciitis from a PAPER CUT

    Scary! I have a patient who had a normal little paper cut. She worked in a medical records department. Two weeks later her arm was being eaten alive from the inside out by necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria). Yikes! (She had a fasciotomy and is fine now).
  6. anticoagulationurse

    The Money is my motivation

    Well, in the beginning I too, worked for my paycheck. I was not only bored with certain jobs but HATED them and cried most days, despite the fact I was still learning and had the challenges I craved at work. You just might have to do your time and shift from job to job until you settle in to your area of interest. I thought I would never feel satisfied as a nurse until I found my niche, which fits me perfectly and I love it so much. And it pays well, so now, I REALLY do not even know when my pay day is (direct deposit). :) Hang in there!
  7. anticoagulationurse

    What kind of nurse are you?

    Home Health nurse for the last 2 years. Intermittent visits. I LOVE it, but it's not for everybody. This was after 5 years of nursing jobs I did not love. I went into Nursing because I took a college job compatibility quiz that listed nursing as one of the top few and it is a stable profession with many career opportunities and choices.
  8. anticoagulationurse

    Alaska anyone?

    I don't know what agencies to recommend but I did a private contract with Peacehealth hospital in Ketchikan and they are always looking for temps (or perms!). They pay for your living expenses and travel. The job I took a few years ago pain $29/hr (no benefits) and I was a new grad RN.
  9. anticoagulationurse

    working prn for two different agencies...

    My agency does not allow this.
  10. anticoagulationurse

    How long can till the blood is bad?

    I would call the lab and find out. But our lab requires us to deliver them within 4 hours so they can be centrifuged if needed. Otherwise, the specimens themselves are always kept at our lab for 7 days before discarded in case the doc wants to add on any tests later.
  11. anticoagulationurse

    He made a comeback!

    About 6 weeks ago I saw a patient for the first time, and unfortunately have not been scheduled to see him again until yesterday (other nurses have been seeing him). When I saw him the first time I was certain he was not long in this world. He was very weak, disoriented, resisting care, looking non specifically ill. I wanted to send him to the ED. I had called the doctor that day and the doctor urged me to speak with the family about hospice, which I did. His elderly wife gently refused, insisting on therapies nursing and swore she would find her husband a new doctor. I left sort of shrugging my shoulders, almost admiring her spirit but assuming the doc knew best. Well, since then he has established with a new doc, started on a new med, and is alert, oriented, strong, eating well and nowhere near ready to die. His wife was beaming when I expressed my enthusiasm for his improvement. This woman saved her husband's life by not being willing to give up!
  12. anticoagulationurse

    What do you wear?

    Scrub-a-dub-dubs here. There's not really too much of a dress code (no jeans no shorts, no tanks), but I am lazy about fashion and scrubs are easy.
  13. anticoagulationurse

    Blood draws and home health

    First let me assure you I was kind of (unnecessarily) terrified of phlebotomy. I had never attempted a phlebotomy until I was in HH. I knew the principles, had IV training (but no real experience), and I was terrified. I avoided it for a long time, watched a few during my training. But, finally I just bit the bullet and tried one, and succeeded on the second poke. Same for the next several phlebotomies, took a couple of attempts. If I couldn't get it by the third try I was surely flustered by then and it's no use torturing the patient with more pokes if I hadn't got it by then, so I would send another nurse. I do draws once maybe every 2-3 weeks so it made it hard to get a good feel and really learn the skill. I would say by the 10th poke I was starting to feel confident and since the 15 or 20th poke (maybe about 6 months into my HH job), I was golden. Haven't missed one since and nearly always on the first poke since then.
  14. anticoagulationurse

    LPN to RN wage in current LPN position

    Yes, but being an RN automatically imbibes more responsibility as per the nature of the licensure. I could work at Starbucks as a barista and would still expect more than a starting wage because of the nature of my education and general working responsibility even though I would not be working as an RN in that position. I would expect it, but it does not mean I would be offered it, and does not mean I would accept any less.
  15. anticoagulationurse

    pay per visit?

    Well, I know my company certainly hires travel positions for everything else... except nursing for some reason. Not to say the jobs aren't out there, just don't tend to need travel nurses in my agency. Not sure why.