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  1. anticoagulationurse

    We are looking for home health nursing software

    Our agency uses Cerner RoadNotes and it is terrible! The opposite of user friendly/intuitive. Crashes frequently, etc. Bad, bad juju.
  2. anticoagulationurse


    I too have heard of this. An office employee at my HH agency wanted to quit one day right on the spot and her manager threatened to report her to some regional list keeper for HH angencies. So, she stayed her 2 weeks and that was that. Sounded fishy to me!
  3. anticoagulationurse

    Lvn's who became Rn's... how did you do it?

    I did LPN first, with every intention of going to RN eventually because I was already on all the waiting lists for the RN programs. I completed LPN school before my turn ever got called on the RN waiting lists. It worked out alright because my employer paid for part of my LPN to RN program (and I would not have otherwise been employed by them if I wasn't an LPN, so therefore would not have had the help to pay for school if I had gone just straight RN). I worked full time at an office LPN position while going to RN school. I did the Excelsior ASN program. It took me 10 months from starting until graduating passing the NCLEX RN. I am happy I chose this path for numerous reasons: the employer sponsorship, LPN experience made RN school so much easier, hands on experience for the clinical finals, ability to work full time while going to school and making decent LPN money at the same time, a shoe-in with my company for an RN job once I graduated. Good lucK!
  4. anticoagulationurse

    My first needle stick today... :(

    Yeowch (for both of you). I have always wondered if that is a way I could poke myself! Now I know to avoid that particular maneuver. Hope all turns out well for you.
  5. anticoagulationurse

    How do you determine the homebound status for the homeless?

    Homebound does not mean they are not allowed to leave the premises. I swear some days it is a taxing effort for me to go to work or the store and that "could" qualify me for HH if I needed it! The root cause of homeboundness is, is it difficult for them to leave home in any way? Pain, tired, exhausting, risk for illness due to weather and no shelter, can't handle the walker/wheelchair by themselves, etc. It is subjective and variable. Also, "home" has little to do with it. Simply being without a home would really not come into the equation for homebound criteria. Their primary "residence" could be a shelter, the library during daytime hours, or under a bridge but the point is, is it a taxing effort to leave said place? If someone is literally roaming the streets at all hours of the day they are most likely not homebound. Think of it this way, why should an insurance company pay HH to come see a patient if the person is perfectly capable of getting themselves to the help they need via other methods that are cheaper for the insurance company? If we patients were paying for these services (our)themselves, (we)they would understand the cost/benefit of various healthcare options and probably go with the cheapest method of meeting our needs (which is probably NOT HOME HEALTH). Why should it be any different just because insurance is paying? After documenting numerous reasonable attempts and methods (perhaps the patient cannot read) of educating the patient and their response, as well as non compliance issues and how they are directly addressed with the patient it is your duty to discharge them. Perhaps they need to be in SNF and are incapable of properly caring for themselves. Maybe they need alternative resources outside of what HH can offer. It is wasteful and pointless to continue attempting education on a deliberately noncompliant patient. Just my opinion. :)
  6. anticoagulationurse

    Do night shift nurses try there best

    I have worked days and nights in the same unit. I cannot speak of the intentions of the other nurses working nights or what they do or do not do. When I worked nights I did find myself, cleaning, restocking, peeking in on patients, sorting through the trashed papers and charting area, reviewing charts, passing meds, tending to pain, and surfing the web for HOURS, taking my breaks and "lunch", charting, sitting around, faxing doctors things left over from day time. All the while still finding time to prepare the med pass for the morning shift nurses so all the doses were out of Pyxis into their respective cups and ready to go and be double checked on the MAR. I got very bored on night shift.
  7. anticoagulationurse

    Hand washing question

    Before using the bathroom (is that in your company policy too?): Depends on where my hands have been and what I am doing in the bathroom. Mostly, I never actually touch myself with my hands while using the bathroom, thus with a cushion of Charmin my parts are protected from my hands and visa-versa.
  8. anticoagulationurse

    No More Mileage Pay!

    How can they NOT reimburse for gas????? That is a business expense, and it seems unethical and of questionable legality to do so.
  9. anticoagulationurse

    Hand washing question

    Before washing? I have not heard of that. I might do that if the faucet was really really nasty like some are, and to pour the soap onto my hands too, but not as a matter of routine.
  10. anticoagulationurse

    Is "0" a frequency?

    I agree with RN Beach Girl.
  11. anticoagulationurse

    No More Mileage Pay!

    Is it LEGAL for them to not reimburse you for professional expenses of gas, etc?
  12. anticoagulationurse

    Continuity of Care

    Not to be negative here but, personally I have never understood the point of a weekly case conference. If I have an issue or concern I deal with it now, in real time and inform/discuss with the people I need to and certainly don't wait until case conference to do so. I also read the progress notes of other disciplines if I am concerned or curious about something specific. So, to me case conference is a waste of my time and I am telling people things they could easily look up for themselves if they took the initiative. We too have Cerner Roadnotes, and it is TERRIBLE! No spreadsheets, not user intuitiveness to it, makes it truly difficult and laborious to jump through pages and click a ton of buttons just to document a simple thing. I hate it.
  13. anticoagulationurse

    LPN's being on call

    We do not deal with central lines... so that's not it, but thanks for your input.
  14. anticoagulationurse

    LPN's being on call

    The agency I work for does not allow LPNs to take call. It is not outside our state LPN scope of practice and the LPNs are not unwilling to add their names to the roster of nurses on call. Management simply refuses (dunno why) to allow LPNs to rotate on call nights. My suspicion is that it is because LPNs are paid hourly and the RNs are salary. Therefore if an LPN gets a call from which a visit might need to be made, it costs the company extra money whereas the same situation with an RN it does not. We have more LPNs than RNs and it sure would be nice to reduce the number of call nights required by including all the nurses in the schedule. How does your agency do call?
  15. anticoagulationurse

    Cleaning Suction Canisters in Home Care

    suction... Gack! (I know, not helpful)
  16. anticoagulationurse

    Which way to get paid

    I started at $28.25 + bennies for 40 visit points per week with no HH experience. I am salary and it sucked for the first 8 months or so (worked more like 50+ hours/week) but now less than 40 usually. You might consider a counter offer depending on your region wages.

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