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Hummee... interesting information. I had no clue what RUE wife gave me the phone and I spoke with a representative, I'm still waiting for information by email.

Initial cost for enrollment: 150.00 for ASN


$125.00 Monthly payment for a loan of zero interest.

8 General Education

7 Nursing

Each componet has an exam that cost $70-$235.00

Any questions call 1800-759-5947


Has anyone ever completed this???

The information on previous posters sounds scary when investing...

Mandykal, Rue may tell you that you need things that Excelsior might not require.

I strongly recommend that if you decide to use them you apply to EC FIRST and find out what THEY will require of you.

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let me correct something here...this sounds great and all until you realize that the $425 is for a binder with paper and information inside. now this information is valuable and usable but...can be obtained other ways that are much much cheaper. when i did mine i used lisa arends and studyguide 101 ( i think that's is the name) one was 12 bucks the other is 10. one is sent on cd in the mail the other is immediate email download. if you choose to use the study guides from rue you can get them from ebay for 40 to 50 bucks and save a lot of money....dont get hung.....please go through the distance learning section and read through the threads before signing...

hummee... interesting information. i had no clue what rue wife gave me the phone and i spoke with a representative, i'm still waiting for information by email.

initial cost for enrollment: 150.00 for asn


$125.00 monthly payment for a loan of zero interest.

8 general education

7 nursing

each componet has an exam that cost $70-$235.00

any questions call 1800-759-5947


has anyone ever completed this???

the information on previous posters sounds scary when investing...

thanks for the reply. i'm not signing anything. if only life be easier said than done right! all these educational college network, rue...etc.... i guess it sounds like they want a piece of the pie ($$$). i think the better option is just go through ec... and if in need of educational resources, then it would be reasonable and worth the search.


if only!


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Hi everyone, I have completed the ADN through EC and have passed the boards. I am going to go on for my BSN. Anyways, I too am a victim of a publishing company. I did not know better at the time, I ended up paying over $5,000 and I did not get all the books I was supposed to get. The reason was because I had my monthly payments set up through my bank to them automatically....and after a year or so something went wrong and a couple of payments were not made. I immediately started sending payments to catch up...but, those payments were never credited to my account with them, they ended up garnishing my the time, I was on NC2. So, by then I learned I could buy the same studyguides off of E-Bay. And that's where I bought the rest of my studyguides. And finished paying the publishing company. So, please do your research first. Do not get stuck in one of these contracts. This time around, I am getting all my studyguides and books off of E-Bay for the BSN. Hope this helps.

thanks cali'07, you summed it up for those who are researching. as for potential nursing students, i hope that when they utilize any search engine on the net that they find this forum.

i just wanted to add my last post for those doing research. i received an email and i think it's worth the info:

a word of caution

rev 8-21-07

there are tutorial firms, test preparation services, and for-profit publishing companies that sell materials with the claim that their materials will help students prepare for and pass excelsior college examinations. the college is not affiliated with any test preparation company and does not endorse the products or services of any test preparation organization.

however, because there are companies that sell test preparation products and services, we felt it in our students' best interest to develop operating standards, a set of best practices for test preparation providers, which we believe these companies should voluntarily follow. we have done this to give our students a measure of confidence that the test preparation company with which they are dealing has a record of engaging in ethical business and financial practices with its clients. you can find these best practices at

using the services of a test preparation provider is up to individual students and whether or not they believe they need these services. we do not review the materials any company produces for content. test preparation providers that agree to follow our best practices, though, are expected to use the learning resources that are required and/or recommended by our faculty in the development of the study materials that they produce.

before you spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars for the products and services of a test preparation provider, check to see if the company has voluntarily agreed in writing to follow our best practices for test preparation providers.

the best way is to call the college and ask us. another way is to see if the company displays on its web site or in its publications the graphic shown here.

only test preparation providers that have agreed to follow our best practices are authorized to display this symbol.

excelsior college itself does provide its students with a variety of learning opportunities and assistance. these include:

guided learning materials prepared by our faculty who develop the exams

online practice tests for many of our exams

access to our online library which is provided in collaboration with johns hopkins university

workshops and teleconferences

help from master's and doctoral prepared nurse educators for our nursing exams

since the materials and programs that excelsior provides to its students are prepared by the faculty who develop the exams, you can be assured that excelsior's materials are current and cover the subjects you are expected to master for the exams.

admissions counselor

1-888-647-2388, ext. 27

[email protected]

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the replies to this post have been very helpful. rue education has been contacting me, adamently, for some time now. obviously, i will not be calling them back now that i have done my research.


it's great that people, who are interested in rue, will be able to google this on the internet and find out more information about it...thru our replies.:bow:


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yeah rue is a terrible terrible choice i actually learned my lesson today! please if you are looking at rue information and listening to their bogus sale pitches disreguard all that is said and listed because it is not at all worth your time and money! with that said good luck to you all on your future endeavors!!!!!!!!!!!


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Can someone tell me how long it took them to complete the LPN-ADN program at Excelsior? Also, would anyone mind referring me to a site that shows which states Excelsior degrees are/are not accepted in? Thank You

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Can someone tell me how long it took them to complete the LPN-ADN program at Excelsior? Also, would anyone mind referring me to a site that shows which states Excelsior degrees are/are not accepted in? Thank You -- those are the particulars for each state.

I took me one year, one month, and one day from my first exam (A&P) to the last day of my CPNE. But mine was a paramedic-to-ADN. :D You LPNs get to skip an exam, which is nice!


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Oh wow! That is very encouraging :). So skipping an exam makes a difference in length of time huh? :) Do you find that your paramedic experience helped you through nursing school in any sort of way?

Did you pass the CPNE on the first try? I'm so scared reading about this I think if I go on to a college that uses the CPNE, I will have to meditate/yoga every morning of that exam LOL

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