Rue Education for RN and getting to sit for RN State Boards

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Oh wow! That is very encouraging :). So skipping an exam makes a difference in length of time huh? :) Do you find that your paramedic experience helped you through nursing school in any sort of way?

Did you pass the CPNE on the first try? I'm so scared reading about this I think if I go on to a college that uses the CPNE, I will have to meditate/yoga every morning of that exam LOL

Well, skipping one exam means one less exam to do, so it should make your journey a smidgen shorter than mine! :) I did pass the CPNE on the first try, thank goodness. EC is the only college I'm aware of that has a CPNE; it's pretty special, that's for sure. LOL. And yes, my paramedic experience was very helpful to me -- my paramedic education came with a degree, meaning I took a lot of applicable courses like pathophysiology, pharmacology, etc., that translated well into nursing school. Plus my experience with practical exams (we have a big practical exam for National Registry paramedic) helped me to prep well for the CPNE, and provided me with personal strategies that helped me to be successful.

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