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Howdy all, I bit the bullet and after much research, I decided on Grand Canyon! Wow, I did not expect BSN schools to be like used car salesmen--hounding me by emails and phone calls. Rather impressed on how Grand Canyon sort of... Read More

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    Quote from aimeedarling
    Ohhh, I haven't been using retrieved date on websites that will be updated because I saw so many website based resources that didn't have it. I thought including the retrieved date it was optional. Silly me!
    Well I neglected to add to my mega-post above to use at your own risk and verify everything before you put it in your own paper. This is MY interpretation based on how I've been graded, my incessant internet searches ( > hour sometimes for one little reference format), and of course OWL and the Bible (APA Manual). Sometimes you just have to wing it and see how it comes out in the grade, and even then (as you've noticed), sometimes you'll get different grading comments from different Instr's for doing identical things from one class to another (ex: I think I was in class 3 before someone told me to stop writing the word "Introduction"! LOL) You'd think that the Manual is black and white, do this/do NOT do that, but alas, it always seems to be a surprise, and sometimes I just have to make a "huh?" face and move on. So yeah, Prism's Rules of APA are not guaranteed to be handed down directly from the APA Gods... but it's fun to to think I know what I'm doing!
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    So far, knock wood, I've never had anything marked wrong on my references for format other than one time and the instructor was wrong. I've misspelled author names btw citation and refernce (I copy and paste btw the two to avoid that now!) and that was wrong but that's just a dopey mistake.

    So far so good with my formatting. But I'm only 4 down and 6 to go!
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    Ok - I know I am going to sound like a bad student, but I just use Citation machine or Perrla to input my APA info and whatever they give me I use. On the rubrics for the assignments, the actual APA format points are so minimal that I really don't care if they mark me down. It is definitely not worth losing sleep over or wasting time that I could actually be devoting to the content on my paper. So far this has worked for me and I have only had minimal points taken off my papers - and never for APA formatting.
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    I may never be the same...and with that, good night! Who else saw numbers and heard terms in their sleep...yup!
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    Noodle, I usually use citation machine as well, and this last teacher marked all over my reference pages! Ugh!
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    Quote from SunshineDaisy
    Noodle, I usually use citation machine as well, and this last teacher marked all over my reference pages! Ugh!
    What class was this? Hopefully I won't run into her/him anytime soon. I just thank my lucky stars that there is usually is a very small number of points for APA based on the rubric.
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    Ouch on the paper marking! My capstone professor was picky..picky with references, but she was fair. I did use PEERLA but it's only as good as the user! I had correct my references in the PEERLA database, so they were accurate. Thankfully, it was only four of them.
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