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It's Official!!

  1. 7 Today its official, I passed my boards and I am an R.N. ! Excelsior College is not easy, but it was my way. Thanx to everyone on Allnurses for all the help on the CPNE. See yall at the graduation.
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    Congrats on your accomplishment Ericka!!! Thank you for taking the time post your sucess here. It is so encouraging for those of us still swimming in books and content guides I just passed LS1 today and was a bit wiped out after the exam and all I can think about is..3 more exams...and that darn HUGE CPNE. The examiner at Pearson Vue said, "It will be just like coming home when you come to take your boards here!" I can't wait for that day! WAY TO GO!!!!
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    And see you there.
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    I had put off doing Excelsior for over a year. I had heard so many horrible stories about the CPNE, then I found Allnurses distant learning forum. It helped me to see that people do pass it. So only people here really understand the long haul. Yes, when I took my NCLEX, the ladies from Pearson Vue were cheering me on. They know me after over a year of going there.
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    congrats! are you changing your name to erikadawnrn? :d
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    Can I ask how long you were an LPN before you started Excelsior?
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    I took all of my Excelsior exams and the NCLEX at the same testing center. The testing center staff were my biggest fans. :heartbeat
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    So happy for you, I know that is probably the best feeling!!! Congratulations on all of your success, you have alot to be proud of!!! :-)

    This makes the light at the end of the tunnel brighter for me when I see my AN friends become RN's. Can't wait to join you :-)
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    Congratulations! Hope to be there soon too!
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    I sure am changing my name to Erikadawn RN, as soon as I figure out how too. I was a Lpn for 3 years. I took my Lpn boards on February 18, 2008.