I PASSED at Grady!!!

  1. Still can't believe it. I passed with NO repeats! Grady is a GREAT site!!!... The CAs (we had two, one Fri and the one on the weekend)and CEs want you to pass. I was finished at 10AM today, and one person was done before me, she also passed. We started with 8 on Friday, 8 on Saturday morning two of whom had lab repeats. The again 8 on Sunday morning three with PCS repeats.

    The best advice I can give even though you have hear a million times before, is to know your critical elements. Also, keep your anxiety in check, on Friday I forgot to take my Xanax and was shaking like a leaf during the labs. But on Saturday an Sunday even though I was still nervous a half of my 0.25 mg Xanax, my prayers to St. Joesph of Cuppertino, and my Hail Mary's pulled me through. In addition to those keep a few words in mind at all times to avoid simple failures: ID, Aspirate, Glove, wash/Gel. I also recommend that in the documentation phase you write EVERYTHING in your narrative notes. Pretend link you are writing a movie script, and include every word, sound, expression, ect.

    The CPNE is NOT hard, study the critical element unit of the study guide, get some mnemonics together, and don't show that you have been a nurse or whatever for years, in this exam if you have your way of doing things erase them from your mind. Do it ECs way. Not only will this help you pass the CPNE, but honestly their way of doing most things are really good, and incorporating them into your practice will make you a better and more thorough nurse.

    I am not going to write a journal, because my memory isn't as good as it seems those that post them are, but the above tips should help.

    Also if you are testing at Grady, stay at the Holiday Inn they recommend. It is not the greatest but will suffice. It is very close to the hospital, one of the testers actually walked there this morning. And the shuttle is great. But be prepared to pay for a taxi to get their Saturday and Sunday because the shuttle doesn't start until 7 am , and you will need to be there for 7 am. It will be $8 if you are alone, and $4 for multiple people. The Taxi's usually hang out in the parking lot, so you shouldn't have to wait.

    I am not quite a GN yet, I still have to do micro, and need clep bio for a filler for my sciences supportive of nursing but if all goes well that will be this month as well.

    Good luck to all future testers!
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    Yeah! congrats to you! did you do any workshops at all?
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    Congrats !!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks y'all.

    No, Tasha I didn't do any workshops. As a matter of fact I have only really been studying for about three weeks. I watched Rob's video twice, and used his mnemonics but I modified one or two of them. I read the study guide once about a few weeks ago, and then as I was memorizing the mnemonics I went back through the critical elements for that AOC is the study guide to make sure I understood. I practiced my labs about 10 times. I did a mock PCS on my homemade dummy once. For the wound I used a modified parachute technique. I gathered the gauze like the normal parachute, and after I scrunched it I look at the wound and molded it to that shape but smaller, then I carefully placed it in the wound and expanded it as need. It was really easy for me and really provided a good pack.

    The CPNE is SOOOO doable. I think people get caught up on nerves, making small mistakes (not iding, gel/washing, not aspirating), and from being to much of a know-it-all to do it Excelsior's way.
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    Dream- totally can see that! I was worried at first because thought i'[ve been a nurse for almost 5yrs i've not done a whole lot of "clinical" experiance, i've worked in a clinic, home health, and a VERY short period of time at a nursing home, then i've been teaching nursing assistant classes for the past year and a half...but i think i can understand that the CPNE is learning it "EC's way" which means since i have no habits let alone BAD habits i think i'll pick it up fairly quickly too...but i gotta get a few more exams done as you can see! lol once these last two nsg ones are done, i'm 10 credits left in gen eds so i'm hoping to get the FCCA and on the CPNE wait list while i work on the last three gen eds! i wanna be done by June!!!
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    You have the right idea Tasha. As long as you can let go of your way for a while, the CPNE should be no problem. Good luck on you exams and the FCCA, I'll be waiting on your PASSED post around June!!! You can totally do it!
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    Thanks for posting this DreamNurse. I work at a small hospital in south Georgia and am a little intimidated by Grady's size; although I'm sure it will be easier to get a date there than at Memorial in Savannah. I still have Micro and A&P and then I'm going to schedule my CPNE. Congratulations.
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    and good luck on the NCLEX!!
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    Thanks y'all.

    Segal, Grady really isn't bad at all. Although all of us had patients there for a variety of issues (gunshot, stabbing, sickle cell crisis, hernia repair/infection, multiple fractures with external rotation, ect), none of them were that difficult. I found that most patients wanted to help in any way they could if possible, and of course they loved to talk. I can truly say that I enjoyed my experience, and that is not only because I passed. The two CAs that we had were very supportive and really wanted us to do well, assuring us that we were capable of passing, and to leave our nerves with them. A very good experience.
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    Awesome!!! Congrats!!!
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