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The only thread I see is 5-7 yrs old and focuses on religion. Is there any updated information? I have been in heavy contact with them and am looking at taking their RN-BSN program. I work with a... Read More

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    Hi pink. I'm gonna chime in here. I am over 50 and decided to go back to school. Like you, I was drawn to GCU. I am on my 8th class with 3 more to go to finish my BSN. As flames said it isn't easy, but it is doable. I decided to go back because I have always wanted to finish my degree, and I prefer to do that on my terms vs. my employer stating I needed to have it done by a certain time. Also, I feel this will open some doors down the line. So, I guess I went back for personal and professional reasons. Don't let age hold you back, go for it!
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    Thank you Ranch! Much appreciated. As I age, I may want to move to another state. Many states require a BSN now... Colorado for instance. I am not in a financial situation where I can retire, nor do I think I want to. Even older, I think I will need a part time job because, I am not surrounded by lots of family. Or outside interests... I try, but I guess you can call me an introvert/extrovert... I just read it is one who can be very social, talk to ppl, etc... (for me esp in nursing).... But I need my space and quiet time.
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    I hear you Rose... I graduated with a 3 year diploma in 1978....did you go forward with GCU?
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    I just got hired for a new job..and somehow introvert/extrovert came up.....I stated my patients think I'm a very extroverted person as I am always chatting with them.....and I enjoy that..same thing with my co-workers at work. But out in public I am very much an introvert, I can go days without really speaking to anyone besides my wife....and if she is away..just my dogs and cat,lol

    yes some places really do want a BSN, but I would think experience should count more....sad that it doesn't in some cases......GL Pink, u can do it.....lot of resources to help one has tutors..think they provided writing assistance......ask away here....
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    Hey 4mranch, we are in the same boat. 8 down, 3 to go. are you in the traditional PICO group or did they switch you over the the new group? I start research next month.

    Pink, I'm pushing 40, but I don't think your ever too old. I've been in some version of school on and off for 15 years (took me a while to settle into my forever desire for nursing cause we move a lot). I don't regret any of it. It keeps your brain active, keeps you young, and certainly doesn't hurt job prospects.
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    Thank you!
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    Hi lanoneus, I am in the new group. Sure would like to hear from some that have gone through and completed the newer program with the longer Capstone.
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    When did the longer capstone class start?? GL to whoever the guinua pigs fun being the first