Finally have a Date!!!!!

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    I applied for the CPNE June 4th at the MPAC. They are still scheduling April and told me that it would be sometime next year before they would schedule me. Well today I transfered to the NPAC and they offered me two dates. Sept 26-28 or Dec 5-7 and I picked DEC 5-7. I went to Lynn's workshop over the weekend and she gave me a great amount of confidence and broke down the Care planning and paperwork. The skills lab was a good addition because she demonstrated a mock PCS covering several areas of care. It was a tiring but good experience!
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    I am so excited for you!!
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    Congrats on a date! I bet you are excited to see the end in sight!
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    maybe i should look into this .....transferring to the npac
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    Congrats! I about cowed out knowing you applied after I did to the MPAC, but you transferred to the much more reasonable NPAC. It must be great to know what date you are going! Good luck.
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    Quote from txspadequeen921
    maybe i should look into this .....transferring to the npac
    i would if i were you. i'm going to st. joe's in syracuse ny and i just booked me and my husband's airline tickets for $415 (total) for 2 round trip tickets on so the total will be about $700 including the hotel. there is free shuttling to the hotel and hospital so we don't have to rent a car.
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    OK, stupid do you transfer if you are already in the MPAC?
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    I think you just call the MPAC or NPAC (don't know which one), but it will cost you $100, I believe.
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    Fabulous news!
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    Oh, I wanted to add: If you can afford to get there a day in advance it makes a lot of sense to. Syracuse gets a butt load of snow.
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