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Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has up to date info on the fastest (can be finished in 9 months or under), under 10-15k tuition, multiple start dates, online RN-BSN? So far, I have researched... Read More

  1. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from DeLynn
    Update-I'm almost done with the Capella flex path RN-Bsn, it looks like I will be around 12 months total for me to finish.
    Congratulations! Do they award actual letter grades in the Flexpath program, or is it like WGU where it's just pass/fail? Just curious about that.
  2. by   DeLynn
    Each paper has grades of Distinguished, Proficient, Basic or non-performance. Basically A,B,C,D. They then convert to a GPA, you have three tries to improve your grade on a paper. I have all distinguished and Proficient marks and my GPA is a 4.0.
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  3. by   applesxoranges
    Ohio University was about 8 to 9 months for me but I planned ahead and went to a partner school.They limit their states to five or six.
  4. by   ebonyprincess
    How much are we looking at?
  5. by   nurse061
    I'm attending Nightingale College's online RN-to-BSN Program. The program got accredited in 2017 and has a $375/semester credit. I had all my GE's done from another degree and finished in 8 months (2 semesters). It cost me 9k for the program. They don't have clinicals but do have a capstone (but it was amazing for my career). I would highly recommend you check it out: RN-to-BSN Bridge Program - Nightingale College. I've loved the program, the capstone project that focuses on improving healthcare for my employer. My project dramatically lowered the infection rate in my unit and has put me on the fast track to become the next DON.

    I wish you the best, a BSN is worth it!
  6. by   nursingschooldiva
    how was program? lots of papers. would you say it was easy?