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Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has up to date info on the fastest (can be finished in 9 months or under), under 10-15k tuition, multiple start dates, online RN-BSN? So far, I have researched only 2 and that's Chamberlain... Read More

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    Quote from elkpark
    (And here, all these years, I thought I was the only one here who thought of that every time someone asks for recommendations for the quickest, easiest, cheapest nursing program ... )
    haha, high-five
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    Quote from ChristineN
    I did my RN-BSN on-line through Chatham University. It was expensive (ending up paying around 20k), but from start of program to graduation was 8 months and they are a recognized, legitimate private school out of Pittsburgh, PA.
    Heard about that one. No exams supposedly.
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    This one is legitimate, thanks!
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    Quote from LunahRN
    As always, I am reminded of the project management triangle, AKA the triple constraint: "fast, good, and cheap: pick two." Best of luck in finding a program that works for you!

    Oh, let me throw this one into the mix: University of Louisiana at Lafayette | RN to BSN Online Degree
    Another good choice.

    "Fast, good, and cheap: pick two." Great advice! I am once again reminded of being a Generation Y nurse who demands everything right away. There was an article on Medscape that compares the different generations in the nursing field. Quite funny, and true....
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    Any nursing leadership conference I've attended where learning is discussed will usually include the different generations and their learning styles. It's funny but true, much of it! I'm a generation X-er, but I have a (sometimes ridiculous) work ethic, whereas some X-ers are known for slack.

    That project management triangle applies to most things in life. I made a sign with that saying for my ex-husband, a tattoo artist. It holds true there as well.

    I did my RN-BSN through Chamberlain. I can't say it was easy per se -- it did take a lot of effort, lots of writing, etc. -- but I can say that it sure as heck was NOT cheap! I had great tuition reimbursement and a small scholarship to assist me, though.
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    Quote from woodsyny
    Check Out Ohio University. It will take me 13 months. Generous on transfer credits. Nursing classes 5 weeks. Tuition $243/Credit out of state.
    They only accept students from certain states. I'm in Illinois and we are excluded :-(
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    Quote from LPN2RN2013
    Why? did you have a question?
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    Quote from klone
    Why? did you have a question?
    No I would just like for this thread to be revived as I kind of have the same question and dont see the need to start a different thread.
    Do you know of any Universities?