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agiboma has 18 years experience as a BSN, MSN, NP and specializes in ER, Public Health, Community, PMHNP.

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  1. agiboma

    Provider not found

    Yes! I have an NPI and DEA. I got it resolved with one of the major pharmacies and will continue to work with the others to hopefully resolve this issue in the near future.
  2. agiboma

    Provider not found

    I got my license as a pmhnp In feb 2019 past boards and got DEA around September 2019. It’s now February 2020 I just finished credentialing with the insurance companies but Every time I send a prescription to the pharmacy it says “provider not found” on there end. Has anyone had this problem before? How did you resolve it? Look forward to your guidance. I’m practicing in the state of Georgia.
  3. agiboma

    New graduate - considering moving outside Canada

    I’m a Canadian nurse who left Ontario back in 2016. I was not a bee grad, but there are hospitals all over the USA that will take new grads and enroll to in the grad program . Good luck
  4. agiboma

    Will you get your DNP

    I will not do it! I don’t see the purpose of this title only. However my mind can only get swayed if the pay was more.
  5. agiboma

    DEA and doing locum tenens

    I’m in Georgia and yes you need a collaborative agreement on file with the Georgia composite medical board prior to the DEA issuing a license to you. Additionally the license has to be within the same scope of your practise, for example I practice as a psychiatric nurse practitioner so my agreement is with a psychiatrist. If you are a family nurse practitioner then you need an agreement with a primary care physician.
  6. agiboma

    HUGE step forward for NP's!!!

    Well its definitely a big step in the right direction for NP's to be recognized for the work we do.
  7. agiboma

    I was your nurse today

    wow as an ER nurse its something we see daily unfortunately, your story was very touching and my condolences.
  8. agiboma

    Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneurship

    Great thread OP. I am also doing my clinical in my PMHNP program currently. I also want to start my own business. I was looking at starting a Telepsych business that will be able to treat individuals in various NP friendly states. I am just in the planning stages of my business endeavours. I wish you best of luck in your endeavours.
  9. agiboma

    Merry Christmas, Little Angel

    Wonderful story! Brushing back the tears!
  10. agiboma

    start if care oasis time frames.

    can i also have a copy please send to agiboma@gmail.com
  11. agiboma

    Number of Patients per Day

    @psychuy i assume your paid per pt?
  12. agiboma

    Scared! want my cake and eat it too

    @ Op psych guy gave you good advice.
  13. agiboma

    Will I still take the CRNE even if I passed the NCLEX?

    @ OP when i enquired with the crnbc they said any NCLEX taken after 1982 will be accepted as Exam entry to practice come Jan. 2015.
  14. agiboma

    RN job with 'normal' hours?

    @OP the best option is public health. I did my final consolidation in public health and was offered to stay on after graduation. This may work for you to help get your feet in the door. Good luck.
  15. there is a nclex pn exam and im pretty sure you need to have graduated from an approved program in some states to apply for licensing in other states you would have to be licensed int eh jurisdiction in which you where educated so you may want to look into this further if your interested in relocating. good luck
  16. Sorry about your failure if its an option for you perhapes you can apply in the United States and do the NCLEX. All the best

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