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  1. LPN2RN2013

    Advice for a new grad in the PACU?

    This is an awesome thread. I am about to become a new grad PACU RN at a Level 1 trauma center so this thread has been very helpful.
  2. LPN2RN2013

    Albany Med Interview

    Hello! I am scheduled for an interview in the PACU at Albany Med. Does anyone know what kind of questions I should expect? I don't have any hospital experience so I am very nervous. Thank you in advance
  3. LPN2RN2013

    Hurst Review Opinion?

    I've tried googling for the coupon code for Hurst, but do not seem to be making much progress. Does anyone know what it is? Or can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance.
  4. I'm about to take the NCLEX after completing an ASN in Nursing, this post just made me feel so sad and frustrated. Wishing you the best of luck OP. And please do come back and let us know how you fare
  5. LPN2RN2013

    Rider University RN-BSN online

    Hello! Is anyone applying to Rider University RN-BSN online? Or currently enrolled? I'm interested in the program and just trying to see if we can start up a mini-support group :-)
  6. No I would just like for this thread to be revived as I kind of have the same question and dont see the need to start a different thread. Do you know of any Universities?
  7. LPN2RN2013

    University of Louisiana-Lafayette online RN-BSN

    I will be following this thread closely, as I am also interested in applying to this program. I am in an Associates program and will be finishing in December of this year, so this might be the next step.
  8. What are some of the hospitals that hire new grad RN's (Associates)... Thank you guys for all the information that you are providing, it is really appreciated.
  9. LPN2RN2013

    Moving to Montana in 31 days!

    Hey!! Did you ever make the move? How was the job hunt? Can you help me with any info? Thank you
  10. Thats still great though :-) Because I chanced upon a thread titled "New Grad's who are unemployed" (something to that effect), and there were alot of people with BSN's in the inland empire who had graduated a year or so before who could not find jobs. So you give me hope... THANK YOU
  11. Hey Ev106, How dis the job search go? I'm thinking of re-locating to Redlands next year and I'll be a new grad as well, so I'm curious as to what the market looks like....
  12. LPN2RN2013

    To all the students about to start nursing school...

    Just re-read this thread again... Thank you once again OP for posting
  13. LPN2RN2013

    To all the students about to start nursing school...

    Hey! I'll be going to Burlington County College, in the South/Central Jersey area. Are you also bridging? LPN to RN?
  14. LPN2RN2013

    To all the students about to start nursing school...

    I'm starting at a Community College in South Jersey. Are you in the New Jersey area?